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Staying at Deviot Boat House

Since returning to Tasmania, I’ve had a lingering feeling that my adventures will be closer to home for a while. Before the outbreak of the pandemic, I am sure that the tour will return to its former glory. But right now, I’m trying to calm down and take a moment to tune in to my senses and really explore my homeland more. And now that I’m back in Tasmania, I can finally make that dream come true. This month, I ventured just 30 minutes from home Deviot Boat House for a little vacation and enjoy what’s on offer in the North. This is more from my vacation.

Background: An oasis in North Tasmania

The Deviot Boat House is set on the idyllic Tamar River in Northern Tasmania. And despite being named a river, it is more or less a waterway that stretches from Bass Strait to Launceston. This is both my hometown and the closest major city to Deviot. Launceston is one of the main hubs on the island, with direct daily flights to cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. If you’re flying to Tasmania, you’ll probably fly to Hobart either Launceston And to be completely biased, I would recommend the latter. Either way, you will probably keep going trip around the island follow a circular motion, so it won’t differ much from the city you choose to go to. However, if you’re planning on an escape to Deviot Boat House, it’s just a short thirty-minute drive from your drop off at Launceston Airport.

Deviot Boathouse Tasmania |  World of Wanderlust

Check in to Deviot Boat House

Since I have lived abroad for the past year, I don’t know how much Tasmanian’s living landscape has changed. Alternatives to big hotels are stunning one-off stays like Deviot Boat House, offering a unique experience to make you feel like a local on various vacations across Tasmania. If you are wondering where else should you look, here is my list of Best AirBnB in Tasmania.

From Launceston to Deviot a comfortable 30-minute drive, you can enjoy the scenery of the Tamar River. Tasmania’s north can be underestimated at its best. However, events like Festivale, Mona Foma and Barnbougle Polo actually helped put the area on the map. Most of the events on offer take place during the summer months, so you can expect plenty of fun to do throughout December, January, and February.

Deviot Boathouse Tasmania |  World of Wanderlust
Deviot Boathouse Tasmania |  World of Wanderlust

About my vacation

When we arrived Deviot Boat House, registration is seamless and contactless. I received a confirmation of my stay for the week I visited, along with instructions for accessing the property. The weather was overcast and erratic on the day of check-in but on the first morning I woke up to a cloudless sky and the sun crept through the gaps in the curtains. The views from both the bedroom, private bathroom and living area are simply breathtaking!

Deviot Boathouse Tasmania |  World of Wanderlust

Boats are fitted with everything you need for a short two or three night stay. There’s enough coffee and tea to get you through, however, if you’re like me and drink at least three coffees a day, you may want to bring your own!

There’s a fully equipped kitchen to use if you enjoy dining. This can be a great opportunity to cook dinner with fresh Tasmanian produce, one of the many drawers of the island’s natural state. If you want to prepare for dinner, you’ll have to drive back to Launceston, a 30-minute drive away. However, there are plenty of vineyards and cafes nearby that serve breakfast, brunch or lunch. I can recommend Cabin Cafe at Exeter for breakfast and Goaty Hill wines to taste a vineyard.

Deviot Boathouse Tasmania |  World of Wanderlust

Around North Tasmania

As I mentioned earlier, the area known as North Tasmania was not always on the typical tourist route. More popular areas like Hobart, the elegant East Coast and the mountainous midlands are often the first choice. However, there are some great destinations north of Tasmania that have become more popular in recent years.

Bridestowe lavender farm Probably the largest withdrawal card for international travelers. The lavender fields in full bloom every January, are great photo opportunities.

Near, small clear blue lake has become another popular stopover. Here you can witness a change in the color of the lake (as the name suggests is a bright turquoise blue). The color of the lake is the result of alluvial tin extraction in the area.

Tamar Valley

Then of course yes Tamar Valley, one of Tasmania’s largest vineyards and hatches. Not only can you sample local wines, but you can also sample a variety of Tasmanian cheeses and sauces.

I recommend spending at least two nights at Deviot Boat House to really turn off the engine and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. If you plan on visiting more than North Tasmania, a great facility nearby would be an extra two nights at Stillwater Seven in Launceston. Happy trip!

Deviot Boathouse Tasmania |  World of Wanderlust
Deviot Boathouse Tasmania |  World of Wanderlust
Deviot Boathouse Tasmania |  World of Wanderlust

Book this vacation in Tasmania. Room rates start at $ 568 per night.



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