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Sudan: Number of deaths increased during violent days in Darfur increased to 87 | Conflict news

The local doctors’ committee said five days of fighting between Arabs and the Masalit tribe also injured at least 191 people.

The death toll from weekend violence in the Darfur region of Sudan has risen to 87, according to a local health group that also reported attacks on health workers in the area.

The Sudanese Doctors Committee in West Darfur said it added at least 37 more deaths on Wednesday, bringing the number of people killed since Saturday to 87. At least 191 were injured.

The group said armed men opened fire on Wednesday in vehicles carrying medical personnel heading to UN warehouses in El Geneina, capital of West Darfur province. There were no casualties reported on that shooting, it said.

Some medical facilities were also attacked, and medical staff still had difficulty transporting injured people to hospitals, the group added.

Separately, residents told Reuters news agency that the streets in El Geneina were finally becoming quieter, with the government army deployed for the first time since the state of emergency was declared on Monday. . Few new injuries have been reported in hospitals.

“They may be exhausted,” said an anonymous doctor of the warriors. “Or maybe it’s the remains of a warrior.”

The latest skirmish is a new breach of breach that saw deadly clashes earlier this year and in 2019 in the face of worsening security situations across Darfur.

It stems from a Saturday shooting that killed two non-Arab Masalites in an evacuation camp in El Geneina, according to the United Nations humanitarian agency.

Fighting ensued between the Arabs Rizeigat and the Masalit tribe, both mobilizing armed men.

The unrest poses a challenge to Sudanese transitional government efforts to end decades-long insurgencies in areas such as Darfur, where inter-ethnic conflict is common.

The humanitarian situation in El Geneina remains dire, with thousands taking to the streets after a displacement camp was burned down in fighting.

Clashes have forced the United Nations to suspend all humanitarian activities in El Geneina, which serves as a transportation hub for aid to the conflict zone.

The world agency said its decision would affect more than 700,000 people.

The vast Darfur region has been devastated by a civil war that broke out in 2003, leaving around 300,000 people dead and 2.5 million displaced, according to the UN.

It flared up as ethnic minorities rebelled against the longtime Arab-dominated government of Omar al-Bashir. Khartoum responded by liberating the government-affiliated militia that called itself the Popular Self-Defense Force, but called “Janjaweed” by the rebels, recruited from the nomadic tribes of the area. .

Conflict has subsided over the years, and the latest in a series of peace deals was agreed to in October. But after years of conflict, the region is flooded with automatic weapons and raids Clashes still break out, often over land and access to water.

Sudan is in the midst of a period of sharp transition after Mr al-Bashir was toppled in April 2019 amid a series of protests against his rule.

Transitional military-civilian authorities have pushed for peace building with rebel groups in Sudan’s main conflict areas, including Darfur.



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