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Sunseeker Manhattan 55 leads the ‘Five Celebrities’ to Asia

Sunseeker’s new Manhattan 55 is underway in San Diego, California

Sunseeker is returning to the spotlight of the yachting world with not one but five new models introduced this spring. Under the new practice, the global premiere will be held online and with additional Asian-specific presentations reflecting the UK builder’s new face regional network, including NextWave is a distributor in the key market of Hong Kong.

At Poole, Sunseeker’s home base since the 1960s, the first units of each of the five new models have been in the country to combine the final, refinement, experimental, and experimental suits. marine, video and photographic, and customer visits.

Manhattan 55 hits 32 knots with an 800-hp Volvo Penta engine

Sunseeker not only holds five global launches simultaneously while most shipyards usually release one or two new models a year, but the manufacturer’s new models vary widely. They span in size and range from the Manhattan 55, the Predator 55 EVO ™ and the 65 Sport Yacht to the 88 Yacht and 90 Ocean, the latter being the most exciting new model by the builder of recent times.

The new Predator recently appeared at the Palm Beach International Boat Show, but the first of the ‘Five Famous Models’ coming out of the block was the Manhattan 55, which already had units as far as the United States – outside photos seen here are from California – and at least two orders from Asia.

Currently, 55 is following in the footsteps of its older sister’s success, Manhattan 68 was launched last year and has at least four orders in this region.

Displayed with the hardtop option, the Manhattan 55 has already received a lot of orders in Asia

Douglas Culverwell, Distributor Development Manager at Sunseeker International said: “We are delighted with the initial demand for the Manhattan 55 as potential owners and customers are seeing similar advances. we have done on Manhattan 68. “We expect more sales across Asia and the rest of the world for the Manhattan 55 and other models in ‘Years of Famous’.”

Along with the popularity of the 68, 55 also has the same interior style as its older sister. It’s part of a complete upgrade in interior design, trim, and detailing that Sunseeker has incorporated in all new models since the Predator 60 EVO ™ debuted in September 2019, reflecting Design influence by CEO Andrea Frabetti, who earlier that year became the first Italian pitch.

Structurally, the Manhattan 55 is built on the foundation of the hugely popular Manhattan 52, though it’s faster than Sunseeker’s best-selling model, hitting 32 knots with two Volvo Penta D13 engines- 800.

Manhattan 55 follows the famous Manhattan 52, has sold more than 130 units, including many for Asia

Subtle exterior upgrades include a second stainless steel bowstring, thinner around the yacht, stronger, safer and more elegant than the protective strap it has replaced. At the rear, the air intakes have been upgraded from composite to a lighter carbon fiber weave that matches the hull glass.


The yacht’s exciting features start from the water, where the full hydraulic platform allows access to a storage compartments as part of Sunseeker’s famous Beach Club package. Drop-down steaks are a winner and benefit from ventilation of any interior space, in case you slightly burn your steak.

When it’s time to play, a large beach chair can be folded down so you can watch the kids, rest after swimming, or wear or remove flippers in a much more graceful manner than when you were standing up. On the right side is a pull-up door that acts as an overhead shower along with access to a good-sized locker for anything from ropes and fenders to towels and gear. play.

The Beach Club package includes BBQ facilities, a bench and overhead shower

The arrival gate is the door leading to the optional crew cabin with en suite bathrooms and space for washer-dryer. In addition, this rear space can be used as a storage room. Go up three steps and through the side gate there is an elevator that takes you to the cockpit, where there is a large C-shaped sofa and a foldable teak table.

Useful details include a small locker for the rail lines and an optional cover on each side. At the gate, there is a chest-level locker for a third driver station, where the Xenta joystick and other controls can be mounted.

The side decks lead to the foredeck, a relaxation area that combines a sofa with two benches around a high low table. It’s an ideal area for sunbathing, reading or having an informal evening meeting, when the built-in lighting and sound system can set the mood.

Seen from behind the flybridge, where there are many social areas and wet bars

The flybridge is accessed from the cockpit by a right staircase with a see-through hatch above, helping to block rain and even act as a safety net in the event of an accidental fall at the top of the steps. The staircase exiting by the two-seater, double-screen driver station where there is a wireless phone charger is one of the useful features.

The Aft is a large C-shaped rear sofa that can fit comfortably with six or more around a foldable table. Add a few extra chairs and you can have up to eight outdoor meals, which will make you more palatable with the choice of barbecue in the wet bar by the gate. Under the seats are equipped with speakers for the AV system to play the same or different tracks in the living room or the lounge.

In front of the wet bar is a C-shaped sofa and a coffee table, although the best views are provided in front by the full-width sun loungers, with convenient backrests on both sides. Shelter options include a foldable bimini or hard top with a sliding sunroof and can also fit with a bimini extension at the back.


Back on the main deck, the cockpit’s seamless connection to the showroom and bar is one of the highlights of Manhattan 55. Just open the cockpit door on the right then watch as you ‘window’ the room. The display automatically slides down at the push of a button, to see the interior unfold and create a large common area.

When the showroom windows are lowered, a folding table top forms an attractive bar

Plus, fold up the bar and you have a solid reason to sit in the cockpit bar stool (optional) and relax with a drink and a snack.

Look inside and you’ll soon notice display ceilings, where LED lighting runs along perpendicular and diagonal lines and panels, as seen on Manhattan 68. High overhead lighting is added throughout the main deck and The elegant wall-lamp cabin is also seen on the larger model.

Almost disguised below the height of the bar and raised armchairs, the gallery behind is a stunning design. Step inside and on the left and you’re surrounded on all four sides by surfaces and storage, both of which you can never get enough of in the kitchen.

The comprehensive showroom is surrounded by work and storage surfaces

Next to the gate window is a Miele oven and four-stove induction burners plus double sinks, while above is a head-to-head wide array of cabinets plus a ventilator. In the back is a large preparation area above the optional dishwasher, while the front is an elegant storage area for mugs, crockery and glass, lit up from the inside.

Head back to the ‘hallway’ and continue enjoying with a wine fridge and drawers. As an option, the front section of the L-shaped bar top can also remain open below to store two bar stools that can turn this area into a breakfast bar.

On starboard, Sunseeker designed a full-height corner unit with rack, attached storage and more power outlets – coffee machine, anyone? Below the table are two large fridge drawers, plus an optional front side cabinet with two other freezer / fridge drawers placed on top by an elegant service area.

The comprehensive showroom is surrounded by work and storage surfaces

The two steps up take you to the pub, where a large three-sided sofa can comfortably seat six people and a design table that mimics the angular details of the ceiling. On the right side is a side cabinet with a large 55 inch TV and surround sound system, while there is also a bench that can be used to store and move to the right side of the table to complete a adequate dining space.

“Like the Manhattan 68, 55, it has a classy, ​​refined, but clearly distinct interior design from the new Predator’s sporty, curvy interior,” says Culverwell. “Detail in both ranges has been taken to another level in these new models.”

The steering is raised a step and features leather seats with adjustable bolts and a multifunction steering wheel. The console features an optional two Simrad touch screens, plus wireless charging, a USB port and a monitor for Sunseeker’s Cm8, which manages and monitors a wide range of systems from electricity, fuel, tanks and dynamic data. engine to lighting, air conditioning, AV and more.


Go downstairs and head straight to the VIP cabin, where there is light from the side windows and the hatch on the deck. There’s overhead storage, hanging cabinets and drawers on both sides, as well as private access to the port-side bathroom, twice the original day, shared with the double cabin on the right.

The master set in the picture has a small starboard dining room

The master suite takes a few steps back from mid-range units, where this full-beam state room is yet another example of a major facelift in terms of styling, trim, and detailing that personifies the new Manhattans. .

The entrance hall takes you to the private bathroom first to reach the gate, then another step down to the bedroom, which benefits from the large space and large windows on either side. The bed faces a large TV and soundbar, while next to them is a cabinet topped by elegant shelves with recessed lighting, ideal for books and other display items.

There is all the storage around, from full-height cabinets on the right to large cabinets that occupy the gate side of the room and packed with drawers, racks and cabinets. Add nightstands and there’s a place for everything.

In the master suite, starboard options include a kitchenette (pictured), sofa, bench or cabinet similar to the gate side.

There’s even room for more storage, if you want, as the space under the right window is provided in a number of arrangements including the mirror of the storage cabinet next to the gate, sofa, kitchenette or the couch, the following three are all including some storage below.

“The Manhattan 55 has a proven layout and really takes it to another level of realism, completeness and detail, right across the yacht,” says Culverwell. “I can’t wait to see the first yachts to Asia so that everyone can hope to see it with their own eyes.”


The first Sunseeker Manhattan 68 in Asia will arrive in Thailand soon before the next hulls head to Singapore and Hong Kong.



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