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Super League: all 6 British women gave up. Also the background music of Inter – Football

Wrong start for Superlega. More than 48 hours after the press release announced its birth, it was fading away. GEOGRAPHIC VIDEO

“The current situation in European football needs to change. There needs to be a new competition because the system is not working, our proposal is completely in line with the law. But under the current circumstances. We will evaluate the appropriate steps to revamp the project“In short, this was stated by Superlega in the draft of an official note circulating the night and read by ANSA.

“European Super League – read draft – believe that the current state of European football needs to change. We propose a new competition in Europe because the existing system is not working. The goal of our proposal is to allow sport to flourish, while at the same time creating resources and stability for the entire football pyramid, including aid to overcome financial difficulties. Community football sets faced by the pandemic. Furthermore, our proposal will provide football stakeholders with significantly improved “solidarity contributions.” Despite the announced departures of British clubs, forced to make these decisions due to the pressure exerted on them – further notes – we believe our proposal is in full compliance. European laws and regulations, as proven today by the court’s decision to protect the Super League from action by third parties “.” In the current circumstances – he concludes – we will evaluate the most appropriate steps for a remodel, keeping in mind our goal is to provide our fans with the best possible, enhanced experience. the spirit of solidarity contributes to the entire football community “.

“I welcome the announcement last night. This is a fan match result, clubs and communities across the country. We must continue to defend our beloved national game. “So on twitter, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson welcomed the decision of six English clubs to give up Super League.”

“I said yesterday that it’s admirable to admit that you made a mistake and these clubs made a big mistake.” In an official announcement, the president of Uefa Ceferin commented on the news of the teams withdrew from the Super League project: “But now they are back in the group and I know they have a lot to devote, not just. for our competitions, but with the whole of European football. It is important now to move forward together and rebuilding the unity this sport enjoyed before ”

Juventus fans rally against Superlega. “Our history must not be mixed, exchanged and commercialized,” reads a Viking banner, an extremely black and white group, that appeared on the gates of Turin ‘Allianz Stadium during the night. “We are Juventus Fc. Not with Superlega … Shame on you!”, We still read on the banner, which during these hours is making the social media spin around and it seems like Refers to club president Andrea Agnelli.

The opposite.
After the defection of Manchester City, five other English clubs
, participated in the creation of Superlega, withdrew from the controversial plan. Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool – as predicted by ANSA according to what was leaked from the meeting – have decided not to participate in the new contest. The formalization is done through club press releases. As a result, six English teams left the Super League shortly after it was formed, in a sudden change of context. Arsenal went even further to apologize to fans with a tweet in which they admitted they were “wrong”. From the meeting of the 12 founding clubs to this point, nothing else has happened, except that Juventus’ position in the project is currently unchanged. “The result of listening and the football community at large in recent days – the Gunners’ tweet – we withdraw from the Super League proposition. We made a mistake and we’re sorry. “

As a result, the project takes six out of 12 pieces, hit hard by the fan, press and expert protest that erupted in the UK, one strongly supported by Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government.

And at midnight, Inter withdrew: “The Superlega project is not of our interest anymore”.

And Barcelona isn’t sure they are part of it either: Membership of the Catalan club is conditioned by the consent of the members who will be called upon to express their opinions on this matter. The day arose among Uefa’s CEO, when Ceferin tried to open his hand by inviting “the president of several clubs, mostly British”, “to change their mind. “, and Florentino Perez, who pointed out the Super League path” to save. pay the consequences “. Suffice it to say, let’s overcome the shock of the press release the other night, the ball (and not just) made up a wall.

Meanwhile, a court in Madrid – reiterating what happened years ago with the Euroleague and what was told ANSA on Monday by attorney Pierfilippo Capello about legal disputes – enacted a measure Prevention prevents FIFA, UEFA and the Spanish league and national football federations from taking action against clubs that have announced Super League membership. The previous request was submitted last Friday by the Company Superleague Europe SL. The Super League’s “salvation” goal (“could begin after five months, we are ready to sit back and talk to UEFA. Their threats of exclusion are nonetheless legal,” said the Secretary-General. Anas Laghrari suggested by Perez is an objection from UEFA.

Ceferin spoke openly about it during his time running Montreaux: “With Superlega, they are trying to privatize football – Ceferin said – But we are ready, we waited for them even though they do not know when they will come. The government, the fans, the media are with us. Shall we let him go to football? No, believe me, this is a game we cannot lose. Football is not for anyone. Or rather, it belongs to everyone, because football is part of our legacy. “The intervention of No. 1 Uefa is difficult, but leaves some room for 12 clubs.” You made a big mistake – Ceferin’s words Someone he could say was greed, ignorance or whatever, but it doesn’t matter, you still have time to change your mind. mine. Everyone makes mistakes. “The European Football Federation will meet again on Friday with the issue of which cities will host the European Championship on the agenda and not to rule out the Super League theme that could be included among the subject: exclusion from Champions Yesterday announced No. 1 of the Danish Football Federation Moller. Hard decision, in his speech, Infantino: “Fifa is an organization built on values Real values ​​of sport We can only strongly condemn the creation of a Super League, something closed, a way out of existing football institutions. nothing about Fifa disapproving of this project “.

A vision opposed to Perez, who said “football has to grow and this format will guarantee us more money. The Champions League – he has ruled – has now lost its appeal.” Then came the UEFA attack: “Ceferin cannot be as insulting as he did with Agnelli, he cannot represent”. There is no shortage of rumors against, even among those paid for Super League ‘founders’ clubs, such as Pep Guardiola, the Manchester City manager, one in 12, was frank say “when there is no relationship between commitment and outcome, it is no longer sport“.



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