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Surface Anti-Smelly Patch Provides a healthy, ultimate BO solution

Athe last months of winter, the sweatiest season is coming to us. And with the success of immunization programs allowing life to open up more and more as we move into the summer, it is likely that we will actually be around other humans for the first time in a year. As such, we can start to worry about the state of the whole body again (with apologies to the people we covered in place and those we rarely bathe in).

But despite the fact that we, you know, have brought men to the moon decades ago, clean but effective deodorants are still some elusive dream. That is why the innovations in the space are always exciting and Realizes that acids can be considered effective underarm deodorizers has been a big one. They work by lowering the pH of the skin, creating an environment unfavorable for odor-causing bacteria to grow and multiply. People have tested this hypothesis using their (possibly expensive) facial acids in their pits, but there is another option: Surface anti-odors pads, which work against the most stinking parts (read: armpits and feet) of the body, but safe for all.

The product created by a dermatologist is powered by a patent-pending, fruit-based glycolic acid blend that addresses the aforementioned pH problem. Brand founder Alicia Zalka, MD, chose glycolic acid because it works at three levels: “It creates a more acidic skin environment to compensate for the alkaline pH normally caused by soap, making it unsuitable for bacteria involved in microbiota. the smell on the skin holds ” to speak. “It also reduces the amount of sebum on the armpit skin, reduces odors, and then also acts as a gentle exfoliating agent to remove dead skin cells and other clogging factors. . “

These pads also contain probiotics, so you don’t just wipe your microbiota (as can happen with traditional antiperspirants and deodorantswhich is to get rid of bad bacteria and replace it with good ones. This further helps to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria while also reducing inflammation (and thus, irritation) in the skin.

In other words, these pads provide a more holistic approach to odor management that doesn’t just maintain your body’s natural processes – meaning it doesn’t stop you from sweating—and actually giving your skin healthier benefits. And if you’re thinking, “But, We are in the midst of a climate disaster, and the gasket is bad for the environment, ”don’t worry, as they are biodegradable babies and come in completely recyclable packaging.

In anticipation of a hot girl / guy (s) in summer, I can suggest you to try swiping any and everywhere you, good, odor?

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