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Suspect Lionel Virgile arrested in Brooklyn Federal Court after allegedly throwing Bleach, Cocktail Molotov at police – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The Brooklyn Man charged with throwing bleach in the face of an NYPD officer and a Molotov tail cup at the other officer is officially charged Monday.

Lionel Virgile is facing federal allegations about owns a destructive deviceBut may charge more, CBS2’s Kiran Dhillon reports.

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Virgile almost appeared before a judge at Brooklyn Federal Court. To read the entire statement of the Department of Justice, click here.

Exclusive video showed the moment Virgile crashed into the car East Flatbush on Saturday morning. Nearly two dozen officers quickly flood the sceneSome draw guns. They worked to get the 44-year-old man out of the car and detained.

Virgile’s family said they were horrified by this confrontation.

“The person in the video, it’s not him. He’s not violent, he’s very caring and kind, ”said Janelle Virgile, his daughter.

(credit: CBS2)

Camera footage from moments before the crash shows what led to the arrest.

An NYPD The policeman approached Virgile’s car after pulling him for allegedly passing a red light.

“What are you going out for?” said the officer.

After that, the police said that Virgile suddenly threw bleach at the policeman before taking off.

When pulled back, Virgile allegedly threw a burned Molotov cocktail at police. Virgile accelerated again. He crashed and was arrested. The police found three more Molotov cocktails in his car.

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NYPD, FBI and Acting United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York are investigating. Investigators have secured a warrant to search Virgile’s car and phone files, the sources said.

While they say there may be reason to believe Virgile is targeting the police, his 18-year-old daughter Janelle doesn’t believe he is on the hunt for the police.

“I’m sorry about that because that’s not what he would do if he thought it right,” she said. “He could have been killed for that, but luckily he didn’t.”

Her father, of Haitian descent, suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, she said. According to his daughter, Virgile once turned down a job as a taxi driver and nurse, but had lived in his car for two years – about the same time he refused to take medicine.

Virgile’s daughter said he was recently taken to the hospital for treatment and was released.

“Basically, my mother tried to tell them to keep him,” she said. “They turned it down because he said he didn’t want help, but that’s the whole point. We are trying to ask him for help and he doesn’t want that. ”

The union representing the police sergeants said if mental illness was a factor, then what happened would be a sign of cracks in the system.

“Why is this individual allowed to be left untreated and who is responsible for that?” Said Ed Mullins from the Sergeant’s Compassionate Association. “There was a breakdown in the social policy and it turned out the police had to deal with it.”

Virgile may also be faced with assault charges related to the incident, the police source told CBS2.

It is believed that he acted alone.

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CBS2’s Kiran Dhillon contributed to this report.



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