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Sustainable business: Sweden’s success story

From pop stars to pioneers, the Swedes are no stranger to global dominance, but today the flag they fly is no longer blue and yellow but green.

Won the top spot for the second year in the Yale University’s Green Life Environmental Performance Index, Sweden, currently hosting the ICLEI World Congress, putting the city of Malmö in sight. eco next year. ICLEI is a global network of more than 1,750 governments committed to sustainable development.

Malmö Mayor Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh said: “Malmö is a young and global city, located in the largest labor market region in the north. We have been on a journey from an industrial city to a modern, climate-smart university city in a short amount of time and I believe the challenges we face are related. related to many cities around the world. “

In 2015, Malmö was the first city in Sweden to fully embrace the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with politicians confident that they could run the city on 100% renewable energy. created in 2030. As a result, Malmö has won a number of awards, receiving national and worldwide recognition. for its record of sustainable development.

According to Mayor Stjernfeldt Jammeh, Malmö’s secret to success and Sweden’s spillover power in the sustainable market is the healthy partnership between the corporate world and climate lobbying, and the idea that Sustainability and benefits can go hand in hand is a concept that has gained popularity after the pandemic.

Mayor Stjernfeldt Jammeh admitted: “The pandemic has changed the view on what types of buildings are needed.

One of Sweden’s biggest ecological success stories is the restoration of Hammarby Sjöstad in the inner Stockholm city. In the early 1990s, the district was known as a degraded, polluted and unsafe residential and industrial area. Today, it is one of the prominent neighborhoods of Stockholm and one of the most successful urban renewal districts in the world. In fact, it’s very successful, a Hammarby clone is under construction in Yantai, in the Shandong province of China.

White Peak – the largest developer of European residential areas in China – is the driving force behind the plan. Essentially a fund manager, the company is the epitome of Swedish businesses’ commitment to climate change solutions.

For Jesper CEO Jos Olsson, China’s increasingly realization that green buildings will actually look, coupled with the hygienic discouragement caused by the coronavirus, is now fueling an increase in demand for Sustainable housing across China.

“Before Covid, people thought better energy efficiency was a great idea, but they weren’t too concerned with paying for it,” he said. After Covid, there was a significant change in customer behavior. People are now more concerned with not only the air they breathe, but also the water they drink, and what used to be a bestseller project eventually became our bestseller in this city. . “

The award-winning developer, ranked Number One in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Standard for the past five years, has been building residential areas in China for fifteen years and is currently operating in ten cities. street on the three northeastern provinces. With around 15,000 apartments produced annually, Olsson says over the years, he has learned not to rely on intuition but on data.

“We have a rigorous data-driven approach and China has a lot of data,” he said. So we took all this data and put it into the system and tried to do market analysis and product design. ”

After analyzing the data, Olsson said he was still amazed by the sudden increase in White Peak’s eco-friendly assets after the period. “But it makes sense,” he said. “We always have more energy-efficient buildings than the national standard, and we always use the environmental technology in our buildings from heat exchangers to materials that leak less energy. Yantai takes this commitment to a new level, with more insulation, more European technology, solar technology and underground waste systems to solve bacterial problems.

The eco-city of Hammarby Yantai will eventually be home to 20,000 Chinese living in a Swedish-style community and will be rolled out to more developed urban areas in the coming years. And Olsson also fully expect other developers to follow Sweden’s lead.

CEO of White Peak, Jesper Jos Olsson.

Globally, it is clear that if everyone wants to achieve their carbon goals, there needs to be a drastic change in real estate development and urbanization, making the This time period is more energy efficient. And if you want to be a developer in these markets, you’ll need to understand your mark. ”

Malmö and White Peak’s happy marriage of corporate ambitions and environmental responsibility are common themes throughout much of modern Sweden. In the book ‘Sustainable Leadership: The Swedish Approach to Transform your Company, Your Industry and the World’, says Henrik Henriksson, CEO of Scania and Elaine Weidman-Grunewald, founder of China. AI Sustainability Center, believes that corporate sustainability is no longer compassion towards the green corridor, but a necessary and mutually beneficial relationship between corporations, society and the health of the planet. .

Based on climate science and global trends, the authors believe that the mark of true leadership is the ability to find solutions that create value for companies and society “by minimizing impacts. business dynamics and maximization of positive social, environmental and economic impacts while creating value for all stakeholders. “

During the past two decades, Malmö acts as a Swedish ecological guinea pig; A place to test sustainable solutions such as holistic development, climate adaptation, green renewable and energy-smart solutions. For one year – covid allowed – Malmö will give ICLEI members an opportunity to see how they make sustainability work for the benefit of everyone, including large businesses.

Mayor Stjernfeldt Jammeh said: With courage, creativity and curiosity, the city will test tomorrow’s solutions. That’s how we make sustainability a reality and inspire others to follow. We are confident that we can make a difference as a city, in national and international contexts.

“As we in Malmö accelerate climate work even more, World Congress is a great opportunity to show off what cities and businesses, civil society and academia do locally, and at the same time We have the opportunity to learn and refine new ideas to develop ahead. “



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