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Sustainable changes to make you have never heard before

SSustainability is one of those things that feels both incredibly simple and incredibly complex somehow. But for every piece of advice you’ve heard a thousand times – look at you, these reliable reusable grocery bags – there’s plenty of industry-specific advice and more nuances. that you may not have heard of.

With a mission to learn more of that, Ella Dove, Well + Good’s director of creative development, went on a sustainability trip to visit two sustainable businesses. Here’s the initiator: She journeyed in a new hydrogen-powered airplane Toyota Mirai, a zero-emissions vehicle with next level flexibility that makes it possible to hit the streets while caring for the planet.

Her first stop? Farm Plumcot in Malibu, California, where she learned all about the wild flower seed bomb, which our guess is never on your sustainable to-do list. Alison Hersel, who founded Plumcot Farm to create a direct workspace for families and communities, said: “The idea behind the wild flower seed bombing is re-exploding the public spaces of we. “This helps bring pollinators to the environment and is aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.”

Next, Dove hit Fill the well in Topanga Canyon to learn how to cut down on disposable packaging. Owner Hayley Magrini said: “The beauty products make up a lot of plastic waste that ends up in the landfill,” said owner Hayley Magrini, who filled her store with a range of products for you to have. you can find your personal match. “Shopping locally is one of the best ways for you to be more sustainable.” And who couldn’t use a way to show the love of oneself and the planet a little more?

For more sustainability tips, check out the video above. And to learn more about the Toyota Mirai – with powerful rear-wheel-drive performance and Android Auto * –click here. PS: It has a range of up to 402 miles *** (aka how Dove can drive across California during her travels).

* The media user interface is a Google product and its terms and privacy statement apply. To use Android Auto on the audio screen, you’ll need a car and Android phone compatible with Android Auto. For phone compatibility go to: https://www.android.com/auto/. Requires a compatible smartphone connected with an approved data cable to the USB media port and data plan rates applied. Applications and services vary by phone service provider and are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Android, Android Auto and Waze are trademarks of Google.

***The EPA estimates that there are 402 distance assessments for the Mirai XLE 2021 and 357 total driving distance ratings for the 2021 Mirai Limited. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary for a variety of reasons, including refueling practices, the condition of your vehicle and how / where you drive. See www.fueleconomy.gov.



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