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Sustainable Nike Refurbished Footwear Initiative

In March 2020, Nike announces its sustainability goals for the year 2025 focus on “people, planets and games”. In the brand’s latest efforts towards Sustainability and solve climate problemThe latest Nike initiative, Nike has been refurbished, focus on improving the life cycle of footwear and reducing footwear waste.

This action comes at a time when footwear brands are trying to create a wide range of sustainable shoes… there is only one catch: Sustainable sneakers are extremely difficult to create. And to do so in a way that makes any real impact, we need to adjust our thinking to better understand what sustainability means when it comes to footwear. “When someone says, ‘This is a sustainable shoe’, I often see their claims as an over-simplification without paying attention to many impactful considerations,” Shahin Rahimifard, director of the Center for Sustainable Manufacturing and Recycling Technologies (SMART) previously told Good + Good. “If Was the definition for ‘sustainable footwear’, which is the definition in which the overall life cycle impact is minimized and use maximized. “

Realizing that the shoe’s lifecycle was just as important as using recycled and sourced materials, Nike created a closed system where sneakers seemed to live in abundance. end. The concept is simple: You return your lightly used shoes to a Nike store, the shoes are checked and sorted, they are cleaned and sanitized, and finally, the shoes will return. re-shelves at a discounted price. Prices for each shoe will vary and depend on the shoe’s style (performance or lifestyle) and condition (such as new, slightly worn or with cosmetic defects), according to Nike.

The goal is to refurbish as many shoes as possible, with some of them supplied directly through Nike Refurbished and other lighter used shoes donated through a community partner. Footwear that has expired will be recycled into Material Nike Grindused in play spaces, Nike products, building materials, and throughout Nike stores. Starting April 12, Nike Refurbished will be available at select Nike stores across the US, with up to 15 Nike stores joining the initiative by the end of April 2021 and more locations. more will come next year.

“We focus on areas where Nike makes the biggest impact and materials account for about 70% of Nike’s total carbon emissions,” said Nicole Otto, vice president of Nike Direct North America. So far, 78% of Nike products have been made of recycled materials, but Nike is looking to increase that number. “Furthermore, we want to make sure we’re getting rid of waste, so we’ve set a new goal of moving 100% of raw material back back into our expanded supply chains,” Otto said. .

The deeper use of this sustainable chain is a big step and is very much needed right now. Until we have better technology to make shoes out of less mixed materials that allow them to be easier to recycle in bulk, finesse in programs prolongs the wear life of a shoe. will be at the heart of powerful companies. And Nike, which has charted durability for decades, is once again in the race to extend our shoe life. How far this move drives the conversation around sustainability is up to us.

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