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T1 Advertising leads the future of digital marketing – IHUB Partner Press Releases

Thomas Herd is CEO of T1 Advertising. Photo courtesy Thomas Herd

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Systems need to be constantly iterated and refined in order to be optimized. And if they can be optimized so well that they become foolproof and risk-free, they become the new paradigms for their application. 

Such is exactly what digital marketing agency dynamo T1 Advertising is doing in the emerging digital marketplace. 

Led by its CEO Thomas Herd — a Forbes Magazine columnist — T1 has established a business model that offers clients risk-free solutions for each essential digital metric or KPI- from authentic social media growth to assured primetime press, and most notably guaranteed cost per acquisition delta improvements. Further, should T1 not be able to achieve the benchmarks laid out in its contracts with clients, then it refunds said clients to the degree of shortcoming. 

Herd trusts that marketers must offer systems brands can genuinely count on and that brands do not need to be disadvantaged if their techniques don’t work.

Through the process T1 Advertising and Herd have delivered techniques that provide clients- irrespective of industry- the ability to take success into their own hands and at no risk-exposure. 

On a macro level, the innovative system pioneered by T1 is a salient example of a system that has replaced conventional, unstable business models with foolproof designs that enable brand owners predictable mathematical growth. And that they have!

Herd’s safe solutions have powered countless brands- from MeUndies, Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo, 100% Capri and so on — right into modern industry leaders even amidst turbulent pandemic times.

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