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Tara McCullough has created the perfect coloring book for dog lovers

Saved as a puppy from Dublin, 15-year-old Buddy lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the stars in own coloring book: A dog is called a buddy and Buddy goes to college. Senior art student and Irish American (American mom and Irish dad) Tara McCullough took inspiration from “15-year-old family’s best pet and companion” to create books. book.

Tara specializes in painting at the Edinburgh College of the Arts in Scotland, but she also works as an illustrator and graphic designer alongside. “I have fully captured Buddy’s personality and traits in my coloring books,” she shares. “I illustrated all the adventures of Buddy – from becoming a seasoned yogi, a trip to the Bahamas for a break with my brother Conor, to joining a cappella group and graduating from Dai learn pawbridge. Not to mention all of his favorite activities – eating, singing, sleeping, peeing, asking for snacks and walking up Cave Hill Belfast. “

Tara created the Buddy Coloring Book in 2014 as a surprise gift to her sister, Erin. “The book has been loved by all of our families and friends, so last year I decided to make the next coloring book Buddy Goes to University,” says Tara. This book is dedicated to my sister Erin again, because she just graduated from college and I am very proud of her.

Digitizing the book is the hardest part, Tara said, taking longer than the initial drawings to create.

“I had to adjust my initial drawings to works with minimal lines suitable for children to color. The project has been very interesting. ”

Although Tara’s college studies take up most of her time these days, she still sells artwork by drawing everyone’s dogs, cats, birds, and fish and “you put name for it! And plans for a future Buddy coloring book …

“I hope to create a bigger and better interactive coloring book,” said Tara, “now I know how it all works: Buddy visiting America!

Follow Tara @taramcc_art and buddythedog.org.uk.



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