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Teen Cinque in lockdown, dramedy e sitcom investigation – Tv

Gender identity, anxiety, virtual isolation, need for inclusion, first kiss, and fear return to normal after lip-locking. They are among the touching themes of five teenagers with very different personalities and aspirations, going through the lock together, in a combination of “tween dramedy”: (dramedy for preteens and Unlockdown’s comedy, the live action series directed by Gianluca Leuzzi (the director of two Me Regi Te films), after trying the first two episodes offered on Easter, will air from the 16th every April and Friday at 7:55 p.m. on channel Deakids (Sky 601). The main characters of Unlockdown (formed and managed by Alba Chiara Rondelli, Director of Originals for KidsMe) are the teenagers Riccardo Antonaci (Jack), Emma Dalla (Michelle), Sebastiano Fighera (Leo), Alessandro Notari ( Sam) and Margherita Rebeggiani (Martha).

Along with them, Federica Lucaferri over 18, as Lara, the 22-year-old sister of Jack, the ambitious influencer, with friendly participation by Fabio Volo, as a neighbor who will let his dog He gives a caregiver the opposite few days and Chiara Iezzi, the mother in the Jack and Lara series. “Going through a confinement in a novel like this is much more peaceful and joyful than it actually is, I would like it like this in life,” said smiling, in a meeting with online press Riccardo. Antonaci, translator for the 15 years story. old Jack, “landlord, a rich guy with good qualities, but ‘bedtime’ with his girlfriend, whom he can’t stand”. The beauty of Unlockdown is “it brings back our real feelings when we experience a pandemic, such as the loss of our social life. It focuses on what children think, paranoia. , even the most stupid and useless things. It provides an overview of what it does we, do not go to extremes, ”emphasized Margherita Rebeggiani, who in the series is ten blue-haired gamer Martha five years old. Emma Dalla, who plays the disorganized, anxious and very studious Michelle, explains that she doesn’t resemble her character: “She’s very precise, all plans and lists, while the room of mine, as you can see, is not really in order – she said with a smile – but that helped me to have a close friend just like her.

For Emma, ​​the closings of recent months, especially schools, have come as no surprise: “At my school, they often find active companions, so we have Spend a week at school and others at home. The new shutdown isn’t like that. traumatic. ”In the story, Alessandro Notari gave his face to 15-year-old Sam, and described him is an “outgoing and clumsy character, always ready to help others and make new friends”.
According to him, among the forces of the series filmed with precautions, there is also an entire mature cast, including, albeit only as a cameo, Fabio Volo, “a wonderful person. , who doesn’t stop making us laugh.He has changed the lines excellently.However, everyone who helped us, from Gianluca (Leuzzi), to Federica Lucaferri, to the troupe, is a match. Great relationship was born between us “. 16-year-old Leo’s translator Sebastiano Fighera, the group’s sportsman who in the story will mention his gender identity, underlines director Gianluca Leuzzi’s ability to relentlessly maintain harmony : “He always pays attention to us. That we’re fine, he can work with such a young cast really at their best.”



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