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Tenant beats ‘lazy and fat’ messy ‘scum’ neighbors in angry letter pinned on hallway

One TENANT stoned his “scum” messy neighbors and described them as “lazy and fat” in an angry note pinned in the hallway.

Passive aggressive letter discovered by one Reddit users and it quickly went viral on social networking sites.


The angry letter was put on the common hallwayCredit: Reddit
Notes that describe the neighbors as 'idiots' and 'sloths' (picture available)


Notes that describe the neighbors as ‘scum’ and ‘lazy person’ (picture available)Credit: Getty

The letter read: “Dear Scumbags / Junkies / Slobs (delete if applicable),

“Given that you are too lazy / stoned / fat (delete when appropriate), to clear your own trash by walking a few steps to the bin, you can kindly leave this in our private property to Do not burden the rest of us but not in your disgusting ways. “

It added: “The staircase is not for you to use as a trash can, so please don’t use it as such, this also applies to lands or roads.

“Garbage doesn’t flow out of the window, you can buy a bin to hold this, or, otherwise leave it on your own floor.

“I hope these tutorials aren’t too complicated for you to understand.”

Reddit users discovered the caption to their post: “Living in an apartment is never easy.

“Its condition has been bad lately, and one of my neighbors has clearly reached a breakout point.”


While the post received nearly 8,000 likes, it clearly divided the comments.

Many people supported the person who wrote the letter.

One wrote: “Personally, I stand on the side of the writer.

“They don’t live in student hostels, so why should they feel that way?

“I try to be respectful and considerate of my neighbors, and I hate people who look down on or can’t grasp the notion of looking at others.

“There is nothing worse than living around lazy, dirty guys.”

Another said: “Used to live in an apartment complex and yes, people are disgusting.

“If I walked past someone’s door with a large pile of rubbish seeping into the carpet outside their door for days, I probably knew I moved it so it fell back to their apartment as soon as they were. open door.”

While a third recounted their own experience: “I used to live in an apartment complex in Erith because that was all I could afford at the time.

“As you say most of them are nice people, but then you get a big bad egg that causes 90% of the problem.

“They have a habit of throwing dirty diapers through the window, and one day when the microwave stopped working, they just took it out on the 10th floor.

“They used to have passionate parties most of the night as well, and one morning with a doorbell asking us to stop hanging around at 10 a.m. because they were trying to sleep.”

He added: “It seems for these kinds of places there aren’t many people … it seems to go from ‘kind folk’, then suddenly ‘bad birth of satan’ for nothing between.”

One tenant wrote: “I have owned and rented apartments in the past, and can confirm that something is wrong with at least one person in each block.”

But not everyone agrees, with some thinking that whoever wrote the notes was too sensitive.

“This passive aggression needs to spend more time in college apartments.

“That will make them sensitive to their trash problems.”

Others marked a typo which meant that they asked a neighbor to bring their trash to their home.

The Reddit post has received hundreds of comments


The Reddit post has received hundreds of commentsCredit: Reddit



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