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Tennis, Atp Cagliari: Musetti is eliminated, Sonego in the semifinals – Tennis

Sonego does, Musetti does not. Only one blue color is still playing in Cagliari at the Atp 250 Sardegna Open.
For Sonego and for all Italian tennis, hope towards the end is linked to tomorrow’s semi-final against California’s Taylor Fritz. Between Sonego and the American tennis player only 4 positions apart on the ATP rankings: the penultimate opening match promises to be very balanced. Lorenzo from Turin won the final, which was a brace: thanks to the pair of Coria (injury) – Evans was absent in today’s semi-final. Combined with fellow Vavassori, the trophy will be played against another green shirt team, Bolelli, alongside Argentine Molteni. Sonego’s man of the day. Even against German Hanfmann, he started off badly, with a score of 0-5. It seemed like a bad day. But he is the one who never gives up. He lost the first set. But then in the moment he created a masterpiece. An astonishing comeback as he once found himself three to five just one more step ahead was goodbye. And there he displayed courage, stubbornness and a desire to fight point by point. Prize? Conquests of the tie break. And there, despite the usual start of the obstacle, he once again turned the results to conquer the set with the score 8 – 6. In the decisive match, he returned the score that the Germans suffered. At the beginning of the game: 6-3 and shouting release is a bit of a rundown on how the game is played. As for Lorenzo di Carrara, on the other hand, parted the quarterfinals in the third set: his black beast, Djere, the Serb who beat him in September in Pula, knocked him out.
Musetti also came on the pitch for his mistakes: he hasn’t repeated good tests over the past few days, bumping into an opponent who barely moves from the bottom up. And that practically nullified the entire repertoire of a nineteen-year-old Tuscan, who was currently leaving for Montecarlo.
Musetti is off to a bad start (4-6). And he ends up worse (2-6). In the middle is good 6-4 with the feeling of having found the key to open the opponent’s bunker. Hope for a crash in the third set.


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