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‘That will be interesting for our women’ – CBS New York

(Local CBS) – The NWSL’s 2021 Challenge Cup will kick off this Friday, April 9 with last year’s title game rematch between Houston Dash and Chicago Red Stars on CBS Sports Network. After the Challenge Cup was crowned as the champions on May 8, the tournament will play a regular season of 24 games starting on 15 May and ending on 30 October with playoffs starting the week. and the NWSL Championship will take place on November 20.

Combine all of that with this summer’s Tokyo Olympics and it’s been a big year for women’s football on a big stage. Commissioner Lisa Baird, excited at the start of the campaign in 2021, says the success of last year’s Challenge Cup format was a big reason to bring it back again but with the added benefit of allowing. Several international athletes played in tournaments to showcase their games ahead of the Summer Olympics.

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“Because there is a lot of acceptance, people love the format, they like the intensity, the fact that it’s a quick tournament. But the fact this year we will really benefit from the fact that we have this early round where you’ll see a lot of players going to the Tokyo Olympics, ”Baird said in an interview. with CBS Local’s Ryan Mayer. “In addition to it being great for our tournament, it was a great performance for the players of that national team. I think you will be seeing a lot of female soccer athletes this year and it would be great to see them here and in Tokyo. “

For the 2021 season, there will be a new pair of teams added to the display with the tournament going back to one of its original homes in Kansas City, taking over the Utah Royals FC roster and adding a new home in. Louisville with the launch of Racing Louisville FC. Baird is just as excited as fans to see these two brands launch.

“We Racing Louisville have been working as an open market for a very long time,” Baird said. “I think America will love Kentucky again because they are both charming and brave and I really expect a lot from that team. Kansas City, don’t underestimate it because they’ve been on fire. Their possession group, Chris and Angie Long, generated a lot of money as they took over the squad at the end of the season. When I see what Kansas City has done to not only open their hearts, but basically give the athletes the city key. They’re playing for Kansas City and it’s a sports town. We are starting to see excitement in NWSL as these new teams join there will be new opponents to form. “

One such new competition is one that begins this season with the meeting between Dash and Red Stars at BBVA Stadium in Houston. Baird will be in the match and she looks forward to seeing her fans again in the stands, a factor that has been missing since last season due to the COVID epidemic.

“We feel ownership of our fan base, they are part of who we are. We have worked with each team and both state and local health officials to frankly ensure that we are not only following state and local guidelines, but in some cases. We’re beating them, ”said Baird. “But, I would say that it’s nice to see the fans coming back to the stadium. And I’m sure that will be very interesting for our women who have not played in front of the fans for a long time. I think our players have a special relationship with the fans that you see them, they can reach. Although we won’t do the usual things like signing autographs or leaving them near the field, we can’t do that but I know there is a special relationship there. “

Baird will be among the fans heading to BBVA Stadium for the 2021 Challenge Cup first match on Friday, April 9 with the start time set to 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS Sports Network.



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