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The 3 best Evergreen webinar software you need today

Originally launched in the 1990s, webinars are mainly based on live events. However, in 2020, we have seen a web-based seminar space pivot to on-demand space.

Lower cost-per-acquisition, easy automation, and a reliable repository of useful content have proven to be an effective means of moving customers through the sales funnel.

While not as flashy as their direct counterparts, the evergreen webinar has proven to be the tortoise for the live webinar: slow and steady will see the highest ROI.

Read on to learn about our favorite evergreen web conferencing strategies, platforms, and features that make a difference.

When businesses first started producing webinars, the focus was on live events. Shiny and fresh, the promise of a live webinar means attracting highly engaged leads and collaborating with industry-leading talent.

But webinars also have a lot of work to be done: weekly collaboration, email marketing, practice sessions and script revisions, slide deck development … all in one hour of learning. and a few days of follow-up.

Tons of information are lost every time the webinar ends because there is no simple way to review it. Until we understand them and begin to record them.

Hosting your recorded webinar is a great, low-cost way to create resources potential customers or existing customers on how to set up your software, go through common blocking elements encountered by customers, or demonstrate new tools and integrations.

There are a variety of content streams that you can explore with automated webinars, including:

  1. Training video: Record your account operator’s software running and make it work better by delivering it in on-demand webinars.
  2. Lectures and leadership thoughts: Make the most of guest speaker time and C-Suite by providing on-demand webinar thought leadership in your archive.
  3. Tutorial: Make learning how to use and discover new product integrations or updates simple with fast, evergreen webinar content.
  4. A case study goes through: Bring your case studies to life and then automate the recording process to make your insights and insights go further.

When done well, the on-demand webinar library can function as well a vending tool, Drive customers through the funnel as they interact and learn more about your product. It’s a great example of working smarter instead of harder.

Reviews of the best Evergreen webinar software

It’s tempting to outsource your software search to Google. While you might end up with a good product, you might lack key features that make your presentation truly funny. You may even end up overinvesting. The first thing to do? Understand your limits.

A webinar program can be a simple automatic recording … or it can be as complex as a live broadcast production. Understand the complexity of your program by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. How many attendees do I expect per session? Most platforms have a price tied to the number of guests who can attend a given webinar. If you’re just starting your webinar program, look for an option that allows you to scale but doesn’t require an immediate large investment.
  2. What resources are available to me? Training and implementation take time. A lot of time. When you are researching platforms, consider what kind of support is available. Will you be given a dedicated account manager? How powerful is the platform’s resource library? Remember: The best software is what you actually use.
  3. Always take advantage of the free trial… and if you’re considering buying the product but need more time, request an extension.

The best Evergreen webinar software

On-demand webinars don’t have the instant conversion power of their direct counterparts. Instead, they excel at educating customers and establishing brand trust.

Think of your on-demand webinar as a way to educate your existing customer base and as an ambassador about your company’s willingness to help.

Here are two of the best software for hosting, recording and providing evergreen webinars:

first. DEMIO

Demio is one of the best of both worlds. While its focus is on live webinar production, Demio makes it simple to build your webinar library. We love the way Demio:

  • Provides automatic recording, making it easy to record and archive events directly into the searchable content library.
  • There is a “Stay Registered” feature, which allows participants to sign up once for a continuous thread and record valuable emails for future marketing efforts.
  • Boasting a great analytics dashboard to give you insights into how your live and on-demand webinars are running – a great opportunity to enable insights Provide information for your live and regular webinar content.

2. EverWebinar

OG in evergreen web conferencing technology, EverWebinar is all about life on demand. If you’re looking to set it up and … well, don’t forget it, but also take note, this is the software for you.

  • EverWebinar allows users to schedule their webinar broadcast at specified times of the day, week or month. This has the double benefit of imitating direct experience (tends to attract higher engagement). It also allows your marketing team to run tests to see what time of day is best for your audience.
  • This unique list of features makes it easy to take home the “living” illusion and ease the stress of managing a large list of scheduled webinars. Options like “Block days,” prevent your webinar from playing on specific days, or “Block watch at night,” keep your analytics from going misleading while streaming in the background. “Automatic time zone detection” makes it easy to globalize your products with just one click.
  • A bonus for the ultimate users: if you’re looking for a platform to help you organize your collection of recorded webinars, EverWebinar and WebinarJam are designed to work together. * Insert handshake emoticons *

3. Webinars

A great option for a new company to join the webinar game, WebinarGeek is a simple piece of software that makes it easy to organize and record live webinars and turn them into an internal library. used on demand evergreen.

Along with standard features like customizable lounges and powerful analytics, we also love:

  • WebinarGeek’s intuitive interface: It’s easy for a novice to get to the world of webinar orientations in the WebinarGeek platform.
  • A monthly pricing package, which makes this option accessible for businesses looking to explore the webinar space without the need for in-depth financial commitment.
  • A pre-recording function makes it easy to check presentations, practice with multiple presenters, and explore other features. Pre-recording your webinar also leaves you with a “clean” version to upload as your evergreen content.

Build an evergreen web conferencing channel with these top tools.

As we all gain more understanding of live and on-demand educational content, the demand for beautiful and simple webinar platforms will continue to grow.

By identifying your needs early and taking the time to test different platforms, your team will be ready to educate, inspire, and better understand the customer base so you can help them bring make great decisions.

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