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The 6-legged lizard devastates in Fashion just like Godzilla at 7-Eleven

Customers witnessed a giant lizard extending out the store shelves.

April 8, 2021

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Shoppers at one 7-Eleven in Nakhon Pathom, , seeing an unsure customer walking through the aisles.

Based on USA Today, A 6-foot long Asian water lizard entered the mini-supermarket on Tuesday. A video Show animals walking through the store before continuing to climb the shelves. In the video, screaming can be heard as the animal slams the groceries on its way to the top shelf. After this event, media reported that the animal was captured and then released to the wild. The lizard is believed to have come from a nearby canal.

user Jejene Narumpa posted one video of the event on Tuesday, since then has been re-shared almost 7,000 times. This event has also attracted attention from foundation like .

These creatures are not necessarily uncommon in Thailand, as screen lizards are very common in the area. Asian water screen is most frequently encountered track lizards in the water.

Some people expressed shock at the event.

“I will panic!” a Facebook user wrote.

Some have pitied the animal.

“Poor! Must have been scared !!” another commented.

Others decided to take a cheerful view of the situation.

“I couldn’t believe they let him in without a mask,” joked one Twitter user.

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