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The armed “quick response forces” are waiting for orders to attack the Capitol, the Justice Department said. “


When the Capitol was overflowed on Jan. 6, President Donald Trump’s armed supporters were waiting across Potomac in Virginia for an order to bring guns into the conflict, a prosecutor said Wednesday at federal court.

The Justice Department has repeatedly highlighted comments from some believed to be involved in the riot, who have discussed becoming part of a “quick response force” with weapons. The defendants have rejected those chats as blu blu. But in a detention hearing against Kenneth Harrelson, was charged conspiracy along with other members of the militia group Those who keep the oath to prevent Joe Biden’s election victory certification, US Assistant Attorney Jeffrey S. Nestler said the government has the evidence pointing out the opposite.

“This is not a pure guess,” Nestler said. He noted that in his submission to court this week, prosecutors obtained cell phones and video evidence from the day before the riots showed Harrelson asked someone about the response force. fast. He then arrived at a Comfort inn in Arlington’s Ballston district for about an hour before driving into DC, prosecutors said. A day after the riot, surveillance video from the hotel showed him moving “what appeared to be at least one rifle box down the hallway and toward the elevator,” according to court records.

In court, Nestler said another Oath took what appeared to be a rifle under a piece of paper out of the hotel on January 7.

“We believe that at least one rapid response force site is here and Mr. Harrelson and others have kept a large amount of weapons there,” Nestler said. “The people associated with this group are at Ballston, watching what’s going on at the Capitol and preparing to go to DC and put these weapons on the ground team that Kenneth Harrelson is running immediately, if someone else. say that word. “

Nestler did not detail the number of guns the group is believed to have kept.

Judge Amit Mehta called this evidence one of the “most troublesome and most annoying” evidence he has seen in nearly a dozen cases involving Oathmakers.



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