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The best fire pits to brighten your outdoor living space

TWhile they may sound intimidating and expensive, the fire pit isn’t just for Instagrammable backyard lovers who can accurately spell confetti on the first try. They are actually relatively easy and in some cases, the sensible way to go Let your outdoor living space shine. They create a cozy, inviting place for people to gather, with the added bonus of keeping you warm and a better means of baking marshmallows than your kitchen – you can even bake on some of them. . Hence, we’ve rounded up the best fire pits at every price point, starting at just $ 50.

This compact fire pit is designed to reduce the amount of smoke emitted from the flame, meaning it no longer smells like smoke. It’s also portable, so you can take it from your backyard to the campsite with ease. This package also includes a stand, which helps keep the heat from damaging any of the surfaces you put it on.

Shop now: Solo Bonfire Fire Stove + Stand, $ 300 (initially $ 420)

tiki fire pit

Another option if you don’t want a burnt smell like a campfire, this pit uses an airflow system to reduce smoke and ash. You can burn the firewood according to your choice in it, but the brand offers its own packages of firewood, which are easy to burn and turn into full fire in five minutes. The packages contain pellets made of sawdust, a by-product of the lumber manufacturing process that would otherwise be discarded.

Shop now: Tiki stainless steel low-smoke fire pit, $ 350

Endless summer fire pitLove a propane fire pit? Here you are. This catches fire at the push of a button and the tank is easily obscured by panels so it’s not an eyesore. The included steel insert turns the hole into a table (obviously when it’s not in use)

Shop now: 30 ″ outdoor fire pit endless summer, $ 265

kingso fire pitProof that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on quality, this more affordable fire pit is a best-selling product on Amazon and boasts 4.4 stars and nearly 10,000 reviews. It has a smaller size, more suitable for intimate gatherings. It’s also portable and easy to assemble.

Shop now: Kingso fire pit, $ 50

Hampton bay fireFor those who want to bake more marshmallows over their flames, consider this fire / grill hybrid style. It comes with a cooking grill that easily turns it into a grill. The simple design makes it versatile in a variety of home décor.

Shop now: The Piedmont Fire Hole in Hampton Bay, $ 99

Terrain fire pitWeather-resistant steel, this material is made from, has a nice, rust-like finish – so it will basically continue to look better and better over time. What else makes this one of the best fire pits? Storage space at the bottom for more wood.

Shop now: Topography Weathered steel Pular Chiminea, $ 448

Necessary fire pit Despite how complicated it might seem, this fire pit actually fused together in about an hour. (You will need to have a caulk gun, flattened, shovel and gravel or sand, though.) From edge to edge, it measures four feet, with the diameter of the fire bowl being about 2.5 feet. It comes with a baking dish, so you can also use it for cooking.

Shop now: Essential Fire Extinguishing Kit Grand, $ 579

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