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The best foods for workout fuel, from sports nutritionist

Colleagues athletes have unique nutritional needs specific to their sport, their physical performance and whether they are in season. So how do they navigate all of that? Enter: the sports nutritionists.

In addition to addressing the nutritional needs of athletes during college, the sports nutritionist Maria Williams, MS, RD, LD, also takes a long-term approach – equipping athletes with nutritional insights long after college.

Williams is a sports nutritionist at the University of Georgia (UGA) in Athens, Georgia, where she provides personalized nutrition to support the long-term fitness, performance and well-being of athletes. tablets. She has over a decade of experience with UGA Athletes Association Create individual and group menus and meal plans, and provide one-to-one and group nutrition education for hundreds of UGA students-athletes across a variety of sports.

Williams currently works with women’s volleyball, horseback riding, athletics, baseball and men’s tennis programs. She master thesis research Explore the effects of key hormones, including insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), on bone health and accumulation in children. Along with her RD certification, Williams also earned the title of CSSD (certified as a specialist in sports nutrition).

Williams and I recently chatted about National Nutrition Month’s personalized nutrition focus and her signature approach to healthy, sustainable eating – for herself and for exercise. tablets.



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