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The best home office filing cabinet

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Let’s face it, we all have to deal with massive amounts of paper and records every day. These can be invoices, contracts, receipts, deeds of ownership, and more. Since these documents are so important, we need to make sure they are kept safe and organized to protect them from loss, theft or damage. So finding a good office storage unit for your important documents and supplies is worth paying attention. This is where the filing cabinet becomes essential.

Filling and storing all of our important documents and office supplies helps bring order to our home office. To keep your home office space streamlined, a handy file cabinet is designed to safely store your important documents. Besides storing items securely, they help you quickly get whatever you need thanks to the efficient storage they provide. Having a well-organized system can really make a big difference as it helps keep documents and records undamaged and helps to aggregate your workplace in an easy-to-understand way so you know what to expect. where to find.

There are many options for filing cabinets with different styles, materials, and prices. If you’re looking to bring some order to your home office or organize and organize your paperwork, here are some of the best filing cabinets to consider:

The best home office filing cabinet

DEVAISE 3-compartment wooden document cabinet

Top Choice: DEVAISE’s three-compartment wooden document cabinet comes with open storage spaces, file drawers, and lockers. It’s designed to keep your home office machines, papers, files, and other things organized.

This filling cabinet has two small top drawers, a large bottom drawer, and a large desktop to house your printer and scanner. At 32 x 16 x 26 inches, it weighs just 56.3 pounds and is easy to move thanks to the 360 ​​° rotating wheel. Two of its front wheels have brakes for anti-roll. Available in oak gray and black, this cabinet is easy to assemble with the tools and instructions that come with the device.

DEVAISE 3-compartment wooden document cabinet, Side portable filing cabinet, Printer rack with open storage shelf for home office, Gray oak

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Lorell filing cabinets


Runner-up: Lorell’s document cabinet is made of stainless steel and finished with enamel. It features two lockable drawers with smooth sliding suspension for locking documents, ensuring both drawers are secure.

The design also includes an 18 ”deep drawer, optional caster kit, chrome pull-out handle and storage solution for small or home offices. Dimensions are 18 x 14.3 x 24.5 inches and it weighs only 23 pounds.

It includes four wheels that let you move the base to where you need it, and it also comes with tools and assembly instructions.

Lorell filing cabinet, black

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Itaar wood filing cabinet

Itaar-39-inch-Wood-Document Cabinet-3-Drawer-Printer-Rack-With-Open-Storage-Shelf-for-Home-Office.png

Best Value: Itaar wooden document cabinets give you all the filling solutions you need for a home office. It has 2 small upper drawers along with a bottom drawer for hanging messages, A4 files are fully organized and expanded for easy access.

The storage spaces in the open filing cabinet keep office machines, paper, records and suppliers tidy. And the top space is large enough for a printer, office supplies, and phone. It comes with four wheels at the bottom for easy portability supporting a 39.4 x 15.7 x 26 inch unit that weighs 61.9 pounds and is capable of carrying loads up to 100 pounds.

Itaar 39 Inch 3 Drawer Wooden File Cabinet, Printer Stand With Open Storage Shelves For Home Office, Wheeled Side Portable File Cabinet, Living Room, Cherry Red

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File Cabinet Scranton & Co


Scranton & Co document cabinets offer a four-compartment document cabinet made of bearing steel. The drawers of this filling cabinet are equipped with a ball bearing mechanism for smooth opening and closing. The handle and label holder are made of durable aluminum and have built-in blocks that allow for resizing of each drawer. It has a core detachable locking mechanism that allows the drawers to be similarly locked. This unit measures 22 x 15 x 52 inches and weighs 64 pounds. You can get it in black or in finished color.

Scranton & Co 4 Drawers 22 inch deep filing cabinet in black, fully assembled

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Hirsh’s vertical filing cabinet


Hirsh’s three drawers stand with an eggshell white finish. The high-side document drawers can hold letter-sized folders with smooth sliding suspension. And the pencil drawer provides storage capacity for your office supplies. The mechanism locks the top two drawers.

Measuring 18 x 14.25 x 27.3 inches, weighing 24.5 pounds, makes this material cabinet small enough to be placed under most work surfaces. It requires an assembled handle and hardware included.

Hirsh Industries The steel filing cabinet has a white 18 inch deep 3-compartment compartments

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Interior of Flash Modern filing cabinet

Flash-Furniture-Ergonomic-3-Drawer-Portable-Lock-Profile-Cabinet-With-Anti-Tilt Mechanism-Mail-Legal-Drawer.png

Flash Furniture’s three-compartment handy filing cabinet comes with a locking mechanism to securely store your precious documents. This low-wheeled portable filling cabinet can be placed under most workstations thanks to its 21 x 16 x 24 inches size and 52 pounds of weight.

Inside there is a removable pencil tray, a file converter bar for vertical editing of longer documents, and can even hold messages, F4 files, etc.And to avoid tipping over, the cage drawers Each other will open the compartment one by one.

Interior Flash Modern 3-compartment portable locker with anti-tilt mechanism & letter / legal drawer, white with red side

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Dprodo 3-drawer portable document cabinet

Dprodo-3-Drawer-Mobile-File-Cabinet-Lock-Lock-Metal-File Cabinet-for-Legal-Mail-Size.png

Dprodo offers a three-compartment filling solution with locking mechanism for security along with anti-tilt system to avoid risk. The top two drawers are standard drawers with inner compartments for intelligently storing supplies and documents. Measuring 27 x 23 x 19 inches, the steel metal construction with a powder coating weighs 50 pounds.

This filling cabinet has a 360 ° rotating wheel consisting of two lockable wheels allowing you to move it around your home office. And you can choose them in a variety of colors to complement your décor.

Dprodo 3 Drawers Portable Document Cabinet with Lock, Metal File Cabinet for Legal & Letter Sizes, Lockable Document Cabinet for Home & Office Full Expansion Drawer Printer Brackets, Color oranges

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What to look for when buying home office filing cabinets

The filling cabinet can perform a number of functions that make your home office life easier. They help reduce clutter and bring some organization to your home office and benefit from a clean and organized workplace.

  • Easy to assemble: Some filling cabinets have a lot of components including plates, screws, sliding parts and more. The ideal filling cabinet is ready to assemble and does not require you to spend all day assembling it.
  • Height: Filing cabinets come in a variety of shapes, sizes and additional compartments. They come in either side, vertical or portable design. You should consider addressing one of your specific needs. Need a powerful storage solution that can hold your office equipment, office supplies and documents? Or just a three-compartment cabinet for smaller items, stationery and documents? You can use different drawer sizes to hold different types of papers, documents, or items, or store items depending on the importance of the document.
  • Material: You can fill cabinets with steel, aluminum, plastic and wood with each with its own pros and cons. Metal filing cabinets provide an inexpensive solution to your recordkeeping needs while still being sturdy and durable. Wooden cabinets are another durable choice as they add a traditional look and enhance the aesthetics of your home office.
  • Lock and secure: A good filing cabinet will allow for some level of privacy and security. A metal or wood construction with a locking mechanism provides both. Some filling cabinets have multiple fireproof and lockable options that can serve as a secure storage for your most important documents.


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