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The best movement exercises for neck pain

YYou may not think much about your neck or spine health until you have a stiff neck, a kink, or your neck is constantly aching and bothering you. I have been dealing with neck pain and discomfort for a week and asked my physical therapist for neck movement exercises to help ease it. After a few days of doing them for about five minutes a day, my neck pain got much better. The best part, in my opinion, is that you don’t have to wait – and you definitely shouldn’t – for neck pain to happen to improve the health and longevity of your neck and spine.

We often pay attention to major muscle groups like the legsBut you also have to take care of your neck. “She suffers a lot of stress during the day at work, training or when playing sports. Capable of neck movement or control of range of motion [of the neck] can significantly reduce the risk of injury caused by receptive or even non-moving motion, ” David Jou, PT, DPT, co-founder of Motivny.

By stretching and moving, your joints, support structures, and nervous system become more familiar with the ranges of motion, helping to reduce the risk of injury, Dr. Jou explains. “Not to mention, the added benefits of joint lubrication and improved circulation help prevent [the] broken spine. Show your neck some TLC and alleviate any stiffness or pain you may experience with the following neck pain relief exercises.

3 best exercise exercises to prolong the life of your neck and spine

1. Stock car

“The controlled rotation is astonishing when it comes to knowing the last ranges of the neck,” said Dr. Jou. “Since the spine moves in so many planes of motion, it’s important to explore them to prevent fractures.”

How to make the car stock: Start with a chin-down pose, pull your chin over the shoulder blades. From your shoulders, curl your ears sideways into your back pocket before pulling your chin up to the ceiling. From there, draw your chin across the ceiling to the other side. Lean to the side, then bend your neck before pulling your chin toward the center. Reversed for a complete antique XE. Repeat for one minute, take a little rest and complete a total of three sets. Make sure you don’t feel pinched when doing this and only work within the range of painless motion.

2. Extend your neck with a towel

“With active job positions forcing us to use the device all day, we ended up swinging around only a few segments. [of our spine], and rarely do we use the entire spine. This exercise helps us use the entire cervical spine to promote healthy movement throughout, ”says Dr. Jou.

How to do neck stretching with a towel: Grab a towel in each hand, placing the scarf in the center of your neck. While applying the tension, pull your chin in – think double chin – then slowly stretch your neck from the lowest part of your neck up to the top. You should end the movement by looking directly at the ceiling. Return to starting position then repeat three sets of 10 times each.

3. The cervix contracts up and keeps the iso up

“This exercise is intended to correct the weakness that arises from the lazy, forward position where our head and neck are always in.” This movement will strengthen and improve the strength of the deep neck muscles and can help improve any pain you may experience, explains Dr. Jou.

How to perform the contraction of the cervix lying on its back and keeping the iso up: Begin by lying on your back. Do a pull of your chin against the surface you’re on, then lift the back of your head about an inch off the floor. Avoid sticking your chin out by placing a rolled towel between your chin and chest. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat a total of 5 times.

Show your neck and shoulders more TLC with this 15-minute stress-relieving yoga exercise:

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