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The best yoga mat to replace your stinky old rug

Yoga can help you stress, Increase your concentration, and improve your posture (among many other things). But these benefits can be diminished if you get stifled by a dog, then spend most of your practice time distracted by thoughts like, don’t touch your face and oh sh * t, did i just touch my face? The same happens if it loses all grip and the only thing you can focus on is not to fall. Neither of these cases are really conducive to decompression. However, you can relax as we have compiled the best yoga rugs in exchange for your overused one.

Even if you did Clean your yoga mat Usually, it may still need to be replaced as it is being open to all types of homework at the moment. Here, you will find seven of our favorite yoga rugs that are worth the exchange right now.

Okay, so this rug might have a slightly rubbery smell the first few times you use it (pro tip: rinse it out to loooong time), but that’s much better than the stench, amirit? Plus, it’s reversible and its cushioning is both soft and supportive. The fact that it comes out in this quiet shade is the cherry on top.

Shop now: Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm texture, $ 88

cotton on yoga matThe search for an affordable, quality yoga mat is over. This $ 30 option from Cotton On is lightweight, easy to clean, and comes in four colors (teal, black, gray, and blush).

Shop now: Cotton on a yoga mat, $ 30

Free people yoga mat

One day, we might look back all the way tie-dye we’ve worn over the past year, shiver and swear never repeat. That day is not today, think so, because the FP Movement and Yoga Zeal together gave birth to this soft suede-like beauty in the world. The backing is made from biodegradable rubber that doesn’t slide around and bind, even when you’re using it on carpet. The top of the mat is also extremely sturdy, so it is suitable for both sweat yoga exercises and HIIT exercises.

Shop now: FP Movement x Yoga Zeal Tie-Dye Yoga Mat, $ 79

alo warrior yoga matThe warrior mat is suitable for both yoga and other types of exercise as it is not slippery and absorbent. The latest color is this highlighter yellow, but if it’s too vibrant for your liking it also comes in more bass tones, like dark blue and gray.

Shop now: Alo Yoga warrior mat, 100 dollars

Manduka yoga matYou might be scared to start yoga, but this relaxing mat can inspire you to get started. Plus, it’s one of the thicker rugs on this list, so it offers plenty of cushioning and support. And an alignment stripe gives beginners accurate positioning and it’s reversible.

Shop now: Welcome to Manduka Yoga mat, $ 48

Gaiam cork yoga mat

cork is an antibacterial, fast-drying natural material that provides balance for cushioning and support. It also helps absorb sound, so it’s the perfect rug to exercise at home without disturbing your downstairs neighbors.

Shop now: Yoga Gaiam Performance Cork, $ 40

jade yoga matTall people, prepared to meet your needs (ch). This durable timepiece comes in a longer version that gives you six more inches of surface to work with.

Shop now: Jade Yoga Harmony Yoga Mat, $ 105

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