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The Biden administration reinstates fair housing policies torn down under Trump – including one aimed at combating demographic discrimination

The Biden administration has begun efforts to reinstate changes to two major fair housing policies that have been changed under the Trump administration.

Third, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development filed drafted versions of the fair housing rules for the Office of Management and Budget for review. The move comes months after President Joe Biden issued a memorandum instructing the department to review all the regulations that occurred under the Trump administration as it relates to the Fair Housing Act.

“We can’t comment while the rules are being considered, but the President relies on HUD to advance a regulatory agenda based on fairness and equality,” said Meaghan Lynch, press secretary Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) magazine said.

One of the new policies regarding the Affirmative Fair Housing rule, established under the Obama administration in 2015. This Code is designed to meet the requirements of the Fair Housing Act. 1968, aimed at asking local authorities to cancel separate areas. surrounding areas nationwide. As a rule, counties that receive certain HUD funding must undertake an assessment of their efforts to ensure fair housing.

Under the Trump administration, a new policy has been introduced to redefine fair housing. President Biden aims to reverse that.

Under the Trump administration, a new policy has been introduced to redefine fair housing as any housing that is “affordable, safe, decent, free from illegal discrimination and accessible under civil rights law ”rather than the definition based on racial equity. Trump’s policy also removes the need for local authorities to reconsider their fair housing efforts.

President Trump at that time articulate his efforts to reinstate fair housing policy during his reelection campaign, declaring that suburban residents will “no longer be bothered or financially compromised when building low-income housing in the neighborhood. your”.

In addition, the Biden administration is also looking to restore various impact rules. That policy is designed to make it easier for Americans to sue housing providers such as homeowners or mortgage lenders if those companies’ policies have too large an impact on a protected group of people, even if the policy is not intentional to discriminate. This policy had previously received the green light from the Supreme Court, but it also has been changed under the Trump administration.

The rule proponents impact differently argues that changes have unfolded under HUD Secretary Ben Carson would make making a statement with different effects “almost impossible”. Equal housing advocates have warned that it can be difficult to prove that the discriminatory policies are intentionally created to be eliminated.

According to a HUD official, submitting new versions of both rules is an important first step in the rule-building process. It remains unclear how the new rules will be, as well as how they will closely reflect the policies adopted under President Obama.

After the review is completed by OMB, the rules will be announced by the Federal Register and the department will make the outreach during the comment period, the HUD official added.

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