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“The blue countries are the hardest to vote”


If President Joe Biden wants to post-vote next year in Delaware, he will have to give valid reasons why he cannot drive two hours from the White House back to the polling station in Wilmington. Luckily for him, Biden’s workflow allowed him to vote in absenteeism: Being president is considered “public service” under state law. Most Delaware residents wouldn’t have such a convenient excuse, however. Few states have more limited voting options than Delaware, a Democratic fortress that allows voting by mail less before a pandemic hits.

Biden has been attacking Georgia’s new voting law as a brutality like “Jim Crow in the 21st century” for the impact it could have on Black citizens. But even if the GOP-passed bill goes into effect, Georgians will still have much more chance to vote before Election Day than their counterparts in the president’s home state, where 1 / 3 residents are Black or Latino. As for Republicans, Biden’s criticism of Georgia law beat of the hypocrite. “They have a point,” said Dwayne Bensing, a voting rights advocate with the Delaware ACLU branch. “The state is playing catch up in many ways.”

Delaware was not unusual among Democratic strongholds and its example gave the president’s party an annoying reminder: Even though Democrats like to call on Republicans to try to block voting, the states they control in the Northeast makes voting more difficult than anywhere else.



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