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The BPC makes recommendations on election policy

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Today, the Center’s Bipartisan Policy Center’s Election Task Force released the latest set of recommendations focusing on improving the entire US electoral ecosystem.

Licensed Improve your voting experience after 2020These 12 recommendations highlight the tangible steps that local states and jurisdictions must take to provide the safe and accessible electoral ecosystem that Americans expect. Pandemic ushered in an explosion of electoral transformation because of necessity. Enduring, long-term electoral rules only work when they combine the unique views and expertise of electoral administrators who represent voters across politics.

“The 2020 election has shown us how fortunate US voters are to have electoral experts dedicated to securing their right to vote,” said Matthew Weil, director of the BPC Election Project. “This task force report builds on lessons learned in 2020 to develop progressive thinking reforms that increase accessibility and transparency across the country.”

The Bipartisan Policy Center is here Task force February 2019 Elections. It is comprised of a geographically and politically diverse group of state and local electoral officials, striving to make meaningful improvements to our elections. USA. Members were selected for many reasons to support this goal; Among them are partisan preference for the jurisdictions in which they serve, the region of the country in which they live, and their views on election administration from the state or local level.

See Full report here.



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