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The brother of former assistant to Scott Rudin said the producer should be banned from the entertainment industry – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Over the weekend, the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony, Scott Rudin award-winning producers announced he’s taking a step back from Broadway following growing accusations of bullying.

But those coming up with multiple stories of alleged abuse say that is not enough, CBS2’s Alice Gainer reported on Monday.

“It became clear quite quickly that this was not just a stressful workplace. This is an abuse, ”said David Graham-Caso.

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Graham-Caso’s identical twin brother, Kevin, worked as an assistant to Rudin for about 8 months at the end of 2008/2009 and said his brother developed anxiety, depression and post-tension. injury.

David is speaking on behalf of his brother, who died from suicide last year.

David Graham-Caso said: “These are just violent acts of yelling and throwing things.

When asked if Kevin has ever reported the issue, or has anyone to report, David said, “He was terrified to have to report that. His rationale is that this has happened over many decades. Rudin has been treating everyone like that for years and years, so he reports it won’t do anything. “

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In the first day of this month, The Hollywood Reporter published many of the allegations that the manufacturer Broadway programs including “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Hello, Dolly” smashed the computer screen in the hands of assistants and threw objects such as staples and potatoes at workers.

In response, Rudin released a statement saying that he would be retiring from his theatrical productions and is also working on addressing his behavior.

“A lot of people have written about my history of troublesome interactions with colleagues, and I am extremely sorry for the pain my behavior has caused,” Rudin said.

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Actress Sutton Foster, who starred in Rudin’s resurgence in “The Man of Music,” said in a live Instagram video on Sunday, “I feel like the only positive results are The results have happened. “

But for David Graham-Caso, that is not enough. He posted the following message on Twitter for Rudin:

“The abuse you have has consequences,” said Graham-Caso. “The real consequence will be that Scott Rudin will no longer be able to work in the entertainment industry.”

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Rudin is withdrawing from Broadway, but there is no news as to whether he will step back from film production.

When asked to comment on David Graham-Caso’s allegations, a spokesman told CBS2 that Rudin was “not present”.

The Actors’ Fairness Association, which represents more than 51,000 actors and stage managers in the live theater, wants Rudin to free staff from any nondisclosure agreements they signed.



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