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The California movie theater chain will close ArcLight Cinemas and Pacific Theater

In a blow to Southern California moviegoers, the ArcLight Cinemas and Pacific Theater, which together operate with about 300 regional theaters and have been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will not open. come back.

“After closing more than a year ago, today we have to share the difficult and sad news that Pacific will not reopen its ArcLight Cinemas and Pacific Theater locations,” the brand’s parent company, Decurian Corp., said in a late statement. Monday. “This is not the outcome anyone would want, but despite the great effort to exhaust all potential options, the company has no viable path forward.”

The chain operates some of the most iconic and beloved cinemas in the Los Angeles area, including the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood that was seen in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Grove in Western Hollywood.

Pacific Theaters and ArcLight have six locations each in the Los Angeles area, and ArcLight also has theaters in Boston, Chicago, San Diego and Bethesda, Md.

While movie theaters have reopened nationwide after a month-long shutdown, industry insiders have warned that smaller, independent theaters have a high risk of closing permanently.

Fans of movie theaters pleaded on social media on Monday night for a philanthropist to save the movie theaters, and the hashtag #savethecineramadome is in vogue on Twitter. It’s not a strange idea – director Quentin Tarantino bought the classics The new Beverly Theater in Los Angeles in 2007and Netflix Inc.

purchased from Hollywood Egyptian Historical Theater 2020. And there was speculate in Lately year Netflix or Amazon.com Inc.
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can purchase small cinema chains to support their own original movies.



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