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The Caribbean Oil Refinery Emits Flammable Toxic Gas | Health news

The ‘toxic’ smell from St Croix’s Limetree Bay refinery closed schools and requested health advice.

US Virgin Islands officials say a “noxious” gas odor emitted by St Croix’s recently reopened refinery caused schools to close due to excessive hydrogen sulfide emissions. US Virgin Islands officials said Friday.

The Department of Planning and Natural Resources (DPNR) is recommending people with respiratory conditions such as allergies, lung disease and asthma consider taking protective measures such as staying indoors or moving to health care facilities. less affected area.

The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration describes hydrogen sulfide “as a colorless gas known to have a pungent ‘rotten egg’ odor at low concentrations. It is extremely flammable and highly toxic “.

According to a Limetree Bay spokesperson, the stench was caused by overnight “operation problems” and by early morning was fixed.

“Limetree Bay’s management sincerely apologizes for the effects on the public, and added that the company will continue to monitor the effects on outside communities,” the spokesperson said.

DPNR told Reuters it is investigating to what extent Limetree has exceeded the allowable level of hydrogen sulfide.

Local grammar schools and a technical and career education center closed down live learning after students and staff reported feeling nauseous due to the “toxic smell” affecting air quality. on campus April 22, according to an announcement from the US Virgin Islands Department. Education.

A St Croix community coronavirus vaccination center was also closed on Friday due to the odor, a representative told Reuters.

According to DPNR, the smell was observed on the west side of Frederiksted island for several days and caused people to complain.

The refinery recently resumed fuel production after the entire plant was shut down earlier this month due to an undisclosed operating issue.



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