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Instead of establishing a separate space force, Russia has determined that space should be integrated with other aerospace assets.

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Along with the United States, Russia has the world’s oldest and most prominent history Military and civilian operations in space. Russia realized the importance of space to military operations during the Soviet era, and after the central 1990s continued to work diligently to strengthen its space capabilities.

The Soviet space program rose to post World War 2 with many of the most important achievements of the space era, including the launch of the first ICBM, the placement of the first artificial satellite in space and successful flight. human first. The main military organization during the Soviet era was the Strategic Missile Force, a branch of the Soviet armed forces specialized in the development and deployment of long-range missiles. Other military space assets are included in the Strategic Missile Force box.

Russia tested a series of institutional constellations for its space capabilities during the Soviet period and the early post-Soviet period. For a while, an almost independent space unit was detached from the Missile Force and attached to the Department of Defense. A space force responsible for launch, space defense and long-range surveillance established in 1992, although the lines of power in the chaotic post-Soviet era were variable and ambiguous. In 2011, the space force was incorporated into the Aerospace Defense Force, an organization whose portfolio includes non-room. In 2015 Russia establish an internal Space Force branch Russian aerospace forceThis includes both traditional air force duties and air defense missions.

Hence, the Russian Aerospace Forces integrates several main functions in space warfare, including ballistic missile defense, space observation and surveillance, space launch and global communications. It performs these functions along with the more conventional air responsibilities of the rest of the organization, representing a model similar to the one the United States removed in 2019. Instead of establishing A separate space force, Russia has determined that space should be integrated with other aerospace assets.

Since the Soviet era, Russia has demonstrated a degree of institutional flexibility over its military forces, and therefore it should not be particularly surprising to see that another reform will once again. the re-establishment of lines of rights over Russian space assets. However, there is no doubt that Russia places immense value on its space forces and that it has some of the most sophisticated forces in the world. Russia continued regularly participate in anti-satellite tests, it shows that it has no qualms about threats to competitors’ space infrastructure.



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