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The casino is attacked through an aquarium thermometer

April 14, 2021

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Your privacy . Secure your smartphone. Protect your tablet. And, before I forget, protect your aquarium. Yes, you heard me. Your aquarium.

That’s something I learned a few years ago from the people who run a casino in North America. According to a 2018 Traders in the process report, network security Nicole Eagan runs the security firm Darktrace Told the story while speaking at a conference.

“The attackers used that (aquarium thermometer) to gain a foothold in the network,” she recalls. “Then they find the high roller database and then pull that data back across the network, out of the thermostat and up to the cloud.”

Could this really be possible? It certainly can. And you can blame Internet of Things.

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You may have heard of IODINEBut in case you are not easily explained. It is all about stupid, inanimate objects. And no, I’m not talking about members of Congress. These are elevators, engines, machines, trucks, phones, sprinkler systems, inventory, and even aquarium thermometers. These objects are being fitted with sensors and then reconnected to networks, databases, and communications systems. So much so by 2025 some analysts predicted that there will be 31 billion connected devices worldwide.

This is a good thing, because the more “smarter” you make these objects, the more information we can get from them to prevent problems and optimize their use. . Rolls royce, for example, are using an IoT-connected airplane engine to report performance data in flight. -student ThyssenKrupp is creating “smart buildings” by connecting their personal elevators to monitoring stations around the world to alert of any potential problems.

Connected devices are helping us track deliveries, golf courses and water volume optimal flow of water through pumping stations. And yes, even the temperature of the aquarium in the casino. Because no one wants to see fish die while gambling saves a lifetime. It’s a kind of buzzkill.

But all these connected devices are creating enormous opportunities for hackers. That’s because many of them don’t come equipped with the types of security protections found in laptops, servers, phones and tablets. And unfortunately, many of us are unaware of the risks.

“The industry is facing a host of new challenges when it comes to ensuring a converged IT-OT environment,” said Tim Erlin, vice president of strategy and product management at security firm Tripwire, to speak. View security information. “In the past, cybersecurity focused on IT assets such as servers and workstations, but the growing connectivity of systems required industrial security professionals to broaden their understanding of what. In their environment. You can’t protect what you don’t know. “

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So how do we, as business owners, deal with this problem? The only strategy is to go ahead of it. That is why it is important to regularly invite an IT professional for a full assessment of our network security. But we need to make sure that such a review includes any and every connected device. That means we control the building heating, smart speakers, smoke detectors, alarm systems, overhead lights, and even room coffee makers.

Oh, and don’t forget the aquarium.



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