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“The collapse of GOP with big business has been overcome”


Some of America’s most famous corporations angered Republicans in Congress earlier this month when they opposed Georgia’s law that sets out state voting rules. The longstanding alliance between GOP and business appears to be on the verge of a rift. But when it comes to Democratic Party’s priority bills in Congress, old allies are still on that side.

Indeed, the American conglomerate and Republicans are opposing both the House-passed voting right, also known as HR 1, which is the Democratic response to Georgia law, as well as the bill The infrastructure is pending by President Joe Biden.

While controversy over Georgia law puzzled Republicans, the business did not join Democrats in their proposed solution to that law’s strict electoral rules – the bill of quitting. votes, campaign finance and ethics, known as the S 1 in the Senate, which leads the majority Charles E. Schumer is called “to do” on April 13.

On the same day, the US Chamber of Commerce, Washington’s most prominent business advocate, announced that it was “strongly opposed” to the Democrat bill and that it was considering counting votes in favor of it against Legislators back on the group’s annual transcript. Specifically, Jack Howard, the council’s senior vice president of government affairs, in a letter to the senators said the bill would impose unacceptable new rules for companies engaging in elective activity and even lobbying.

Howard repeated Senate Minority Leadership Mitch McConnellComplaints that the bill would turn the bipartisan Federal Election Commission into an agency run by the presidential party and on a term that would match contributions in dollars as small as six times public funds. .



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