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The CurlMix pair turned down the $ 400,000 Shark Tank offer; Raised over $ 2 million with community support

Kim and Tim Lewis left Robert Herjavec’s $ 400,000 deal for a 20% stake in the company.

April 15, 2021

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The Chicago couple is known for having turned down one Shark tank a deal a few years ago raised just over $ 2 million for CurlMix. This brand is part of the user’s Brand category and has only been around since 2015.

What is their secret to rapid success? The company has launched a crowdfunding campaign driven by a community of loyal followers.

“So far, we’ve raised ~ $ 2.3 million in over 2 days,” the CurlMix team shared on the brand’s Instagram page. “But the most striking number for us is that it was raised a little more by ~ 3,800 investors, which means the average investor is spending ~ 600 dollars.”

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The post continued, “You know what this means ??? WE ARE INVESTING. Not some big investors, but the United States! Create wealth in our communities and build companies and brands WE support. “

CurlMix leverages community support to raise more than $ 2 million

The CurlMix crowdfunding campaign kicked off Tuesday morning. Before lunch time, CurlMix has raised over 1 million dollars.

Chicago Kim and Tim Lewis couple founded CurlMix about six years ago after their first startup failed. To improve sales, they turned their curly hair subscription box into a line of hair care products. Sales soared and the pair hit $ 1 million in just 12 months. The pair then presented their ideas on Shark Tank, from Robert Herjavec$ 400,000 deal for a 20% stake in the company.

After closing the Shark Tank, the pair were able to open another door with community support. So far, CurlMix has raised more than $ 2.4 million from nearly 4,300 investors through their equity crowdfunding campaign.

Kim Lewis said in an interview with Black business. “I have black business owners like Lamar Tyler from Traffic Sales & Profit who invested and shared it with his community.”

Sales & Profits from Traffic is a Facebook group with more than 24,000 members. Founded by Lamar Tyler, this group helps small business owners and entrepreneurs “fill profit gaps” in their businesses.

“Everything you need is in this room,” Tyler shared in the Facebook group.

Freddie Taylor, a member of the TSP mastermind group, cheered on the founders of CurlMix when they reached their first million in funding. A few years ago, Taylor turned $ 1,500 into a multi-million dollar business selling magnetic cards.

“Now we can invest in their business with them,” said Taylor. “We are cheering !! These are some really heavy premium products and if you’ve tried their CurlMix products you’ll know it works! “

CurlMix is ​​bringing investment opportunities to the community

Listener Brands is allowing consumers to invest and become owners of the brands they helped build.

“You make money if we do, and that’s the right thing to do,” says Lewis, “Our dream is to be black owned Procter & Gamble, and you can share that dream. . Join us in creating wealth for all of us.

Consumers can invest by using Miracle communication. Do research and due diligence to determine if this is the best investment for you.

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