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The EU places shares of AI, the forbidden system that jeopardizes rights – High technology

Brussels sets a ban on the use of artificial intelligence in Europe: all systems are seen as “an obvious threat to the security, livelihoods and rights of the people”, such as the system “. “social scoring,” will be banned, while high-risk applications “will be prohibited from complying with strict obligations before they can be marketed”. The EU Commission writes this in its bill, the first bill on AI, announced today. According to the document, companies that do not comply with EU regulations can be fined up to 6% of sales.

“Today, we are presenting new rules for trustworthy artificial intelligence. They set high standards based on varying levels of risk. Artificial intelligence is a great opportunity for them.” Europe. And citizens deserve technologies they can trust. ” EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen wrote on Twitter, commenting on the new regulatory proposal for AI presented by Brussels.

The use of biometric identification systems, such as facial recognition, in public spaces is “prohibited in principle”. The allowed exceptions involve fighting terrorism, protecting security or finding a missing child. Under the proposed law on AI presented by the EU Commission. “All biometric identification systems are considered high risk and subject to strict requirements,” the EU executive stressed that, in the event of a denial, the use “must be subject to the permission of an independent judicial or agency and within appropriate limits of time and space.


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