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The EU will expand Operation Irini until 2023

A senior EU official said the European Union would extend its Libyan arms embargo mission for two years, a senior EU official said, according to the AFP report.

The mission of Operation IRINI was originally expected to last until 31 March, however the EU27 is expected to “pass a decision next week to extend the mission by two years until the end of March. 2023 “, according to EU official.

The Mission is monitoring the implementation of the United Nations arms embargo against Libya through the use of aerial, satellite and maritime assets. In particular, it is tasked with conducting inspections of vessels in the waters off the coast of Libya that are suspected of carrying weapons or documents related to and from the country.

Emphasizing that after the Libyan people voted last week for a united government, paving the way for peace in the war-ravaged country, the EU official said that it is now “more necessary than ever to continue. Our effort “persisted.

The Alliance’s Senior Representative / Vice President Josep Borrell will visit the Campaign Headquarters in Rome on 18-19 March for the 1st anniversary of its founding, where he will meet Rear Adm. Fabio Agostini of Campaign Commander.



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