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The federal ‘bailout’ is so generous that staying at home is more profitable than working: Economics


Apparently three checks with a total value of $ 3,200.

And second, unemployment was at a high level. This article makes more sense in May 2020, when a newly unemployed person is getting more than 6 months salary of $ 600 / week plus standard and stimulus unemployment benefits. In my state, where unemployment makes up 50% of income up to about $ 400 / week (about $ 42k / year), someone bringing in $ 40k / year is clearly better compensated by how to get unemployed, and it’s only more attractive when you make less. However, even as they do, the math of the increased unemployment rate makes sense for some people.

Damn it, I hate politics. Get your bullshit out of here. I don’t know who NYPost is on, but this is just an objective reality, and your immediate dismissal embodies everything that’s wrong with the political discourse in this country.

You can debate the size of the problem and debate whether it happens in volumes large enough to cause legitimate concern for businesses (the article suggests yes, but quite a bit. anecdote), but refuting it is purely childish nonsense.



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