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The final list of SPAM Email activation words

Editor’s Note: Spam filters have become much more complex than the subject line triggers listed in this post. For a more up-to-date guide to email marketing, Check out our free guide to creating email newsletters that people actually read here.

Writing a subject line for your email can be one of the most stressful steps promotional email. Is it attractive? Too short? Too long? So boring? Will people click ‘delete’ because of it? Or will they open it? Will it even reach them or will the SPAM filter be activated? This is the last of these concerns that we are here to help today.

SPAM filters can be activated for a variety of reasons, causing your email to skip to the recipient’s inbox and go straight to their SPAM inbox. One of the easiest ways to avoid an SPAM filter is to carefully choose the words you use your email subject line. Activation words are known to cause problems and increase the likelihood of your email being SPAM trapped. By avoiding these words in email subject lines, you can greatly increase your chances of bypassing the SPAM filter.

Next time you sit down to write your email subject line, check out the full list below and make sure you’re not using any words that get you in trouble. In fact, you may want to bookmark this list so you can refer back to it every time you create an email subject line. Back up, filter SPAM!

Email Spam Words to Avoid


As seen above Buy Direct purchase
Buy judgment Relieve Order
Order status Orders are shipped by buyer


Dig your friends Meet single people Scoring with babes


Additional income Be your own boss Compete for your business
Duplicate your Earn $ Earn extra cash
Make money every week Expectation to earn Additional income
Home based Homework Home based business
Income from home Earn $ Make money
Make money Opportunities to play biz online Online degree
Good time Earning potential The University Certificate
While you sleep Work at home Homemade

Finance – General

$$$ Good price Bargain
Beneficiary Best price Big money
Cash Bonus Cashcashcash
Coins per dollar Cheap Check
Claim Collect Compare rates
Price Credit Credit bureaus
Discount Sword Easy terms
Free Cash fast Only for $ XXX
Hidden property hidden fees Income = earnings
Incredible deal Insurrance Invest
Loan Lowest price Millions of dollars
Money Refunds Mortgage
Mortgage interest rate No charge Free
One hundred percent free Only $ Coins a day
Price Profit Net profit
Quote Refinancing Save $
Save big money Savings come Cash is serious
Depends on credit They keep your money – no refunds! Unsecured credit
Unsecured debt U.S. dollar Why pay more?

Financial business

Accept credit cards Cards are accepted Check or Money Order Request Form
Credit card offers Grow your business Full refund
Investment decision There is no credit check There are no hidden costs
No investment Initial investment required Sent compliance
Inventory alert Securities disclaimer Choose stocks

Personal Finance

Avoid bankruptcy Call creditors Collect child support
Debt and credit consolidation Consolidate your debt Get rid of bad credit
Debt write-off Financially independent Get out of debt
Get paid Lower interest rates Lower monthly payments
Lower your mortgage interest rates Lowest insurance rate Pre-approved
Home refinancing Social security number Your income


acceptance Whereby Avoid
Opportunity Hibernation Freedom
Here Hidden Home page
Leave Whole life Lose
Be maintained Medium Miracle
Never password Problem
Eraser Reverse Sample
Satisfaction Solution Stop
Success Teenage Wife


Dear [email/friend/somebody] Friend Hi


advertisement Automatically delete emails Bulk emails
Click Click below Click here
Click to remove Direct email Direct marketing
Harvest email Advertising email Form
Increase sale revenue Increase traffic Increase your sales
Internet market Internet marketing Marketing
Marketing solutions Public Email Member
Monthly trial offer More Internet traffic Multi-level marketing
Notspam Send mail once Online marketing
Open Choose to participate Efficiency
Removal instructions Discount Sell
List of search engines Search Registration
The following sample This is not trash This is not spam
Recipients are not disclosed Cancel registration Visit our website
We hate spam Web traffic Will not believe my eyes


Bald cure Diagnose Fast delivery of Viagra
Human growth hormone Life insurance Weight loss
Spam weight loss Medicine There was no medical examination
Online pharmacy Wrinkle removal Reverse aging
Stop snoring Valium Viagra
Vicodin Weight loss Xanax


# first 100% free 100% satisfied
4 U 50 discount Billion
Billion dollars Join millions Join millions of Americans
Million One hundred percent guarantee Thousands


Is a member Payment address Call
Cannot be combined with any other offer Privacy for all orders Agree
Financial freedom Gift Certificate Give
Guarantee Have you been rejected? If only it were so easy
Important information regarding According to regulations of the Law Long distance phone deals
Mail order in the order Message contains Brand name
Nigerian No age limit No arrest
No form required Not disappointed No experience
No gimmicks No inventory There is no middleman
There is no obligation Do not need to buy No questions were asked
Not sold There is no string attached There is no obligation
No intention Duty Offshore
Serve Everyday In Week
Priority mail Prize Prize
Produced and dispatched All rights reserved Shopping frenzy
Discount goods Terms and conditions Best rate
They are just giving away Experiment infinite
Not required Vacation Vacation deals
Guarantee We honor all Weekend getaway
What are you waiting for? Who really won? Victory
Winner Win won
You are a winner! You have been selected You are the winner!

Call to action

Cancel at any time Compare Exactly reproduced
OK Throw it away Print signature form
Print out and fax See for yourself Sign up for free today


Free Free access Free cell phone
Free Consultation DVD is free Free gift
Free funding Free hosting Free to install
Free instant Free investment Free leads
Free membership Free money Free of charge
Free preview Priority mail is free Free quote
Free sample Free trial Free website

Description / Adjective

All natural All is new Amazing
Certified Congratulations Decline
Great deal Free Guaranteed
It works Outstanding value Promise you
The real thing No risk Guaranteed satisfaction

Feeling urgent

Access Act now! Apply now
Apply online Free call Call now
Can not live without Do it today Do not delete
Don’t hesitate For instant access Exclusively for
For you Get it now Start right now
Great recommendation Information you requested Information you requested
Instant Limited time Only new customers
The current Now only Coupon is expired
Once in your life Once Only
Order now Order today Please read
Special offer Limited supply Act now
Time is limited Emergency While supplies last


Address on CD Drinks Free ice cream
Brand new pager Cable adapter Casino
Famous people Copy DVD Laser printers
Legal Luxury car New domain name extension
Phone Rolex Stainless Steel

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