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“The future of political advertising is connected television”


According to the new data, political advertising has quickly begun to shift to connected television (CTV), or digital television and online television.

Why is it important: “If the current explosive growth trend in CTV viewership continues, we could see a tipping point as CTVs account for nearly half of political digital ad spend as early as 2022, ”said Grace Briscoe, candidate and cause vice president at Centro, a digital advertising company that operates with hundreds of campaigns across the country….

THis is a huge departure from the decades-long practice of TV ad buying campaigns targeted to local demographic market areas without much accuracy beyond age and gender.

  • As more political ads are purchased on connected TVs, more messages are targeted more narrowly to people based on their interests, buying behavior, etc. – just like they’re online.
  • Another big change will be the way these ads are purchased. Unlike traditional TV commercials, which are often purchased ahead of time for a set price, Centro says more than 60% of CTV ads purchased through real-time bidding are programmed on inventory. statements, this complicates transparency measures.
  • “Providing information about advertiser spending is not a simple matter of transactions having millions of data points per minute,” Briscoe said.



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