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The keys you need to be a successful entrepreneur

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Have you ever considered running your own business, but doubts attack you and uncertainty stops you? It is not less because only a small percentage of newly created businesses can survive: ” 82% of new companies do not reach a four-year lifespan “ . This is what economists do Oriol Amat and Pilar Lloret pointed out in the book “Promotion, the key to survival and development”.

Working for yourself has a special appeal because you can be your own boss. However, the path to becoming a successful entrepreneur can be difficult because not all of us are trained to take charge of our own business, especially those who are accustomed to working for people. others and people also have no basic concepts of finance. Starting a business is not easy, especially if what we want is a business that will last over time and create wealth for us.

The global economic crisis in recent years has prompted many to do the series, but am I really ready to do it?

Through practical advice, this article mentions key guidelines for those who are considering leaving their stable job to “risk” taking on and innovating themselves at work:

Do I have the soul of an entrepreneur?

There are people who are excellent workers in charge of the work of others but do not have the ability to lead collectively or organize their own work. Entrepreneurship also brings a series of risks far different from the stability of a salaryman and a permanent job.

Therefore, we should ask ourselves if we are truly qualified to become entrepreneurs or if we want to continue working under the command of others.

Franck Scipio is a French businessman who left his comfortable and well-paid job in 2010 to create Square Lifestyle from there he shares digital strategies, tactics and tools to help those who want to work online gain income that allows them to cover their lives. His page receives over 300,000 readers per month. Scipio It is clear that “the crisis has forced a change in jobs and people are waking up from duty because they are increasingly dislikes in paid work.”

Often times, needs are what makes people wake up and find ways to generate income, but there are people who are not willing to change or leave their comfort zones and also have difficulty gaining the skills they need. necessary to become an entrepreneur.

For the latter, perhaps the risk is not suitable for their needs because after all, to do it you also have to accept a series of risks that do not guarantee stability. If we did decide to do it, it would be to improve the job choices we already have, not force something we don’t identify and could cause a lot of problems for us. .

Realize your ideas

When determining that is essential. Like words, ideas are blown away. If you really have a clear goal, the next step right away is execution .

“Ideas are in vain, you have to materialize them, but with the right mindset”, that’s the clear way David Vu, an American serial entrepreneur, who created both businesses Online and offline and who teaches in Udemy .

Nothing risky is achieved

Just like in life and in games, in the company, if we don’t bet, we will never get results or we will know what we are losing or winning. What is clear is that standing still is when we will not achieve anything. To do this, you also have to take a series of risks and be aware that they don’t always work out well. That is why you also have to prepare for a failure that can happen.

Management failed

How will I react to a failure is the first thing you must ask yourself when doing. Managing failures in the best way can require patience, attitude, and personality.

If you think that failure will weaken you, then you better not jump in safe play, don’t give up your stability.

Don’t be afraid of being wrong

Sometimes doubts hold us back and limit us, so we miss many opportunities out of fear of making mistakes. Mistake is not bad, it is learning. We learn from mistakes. A positive attitude and skills to know how to overcome potential failure are essential in every entrepreneur. If things don’t work out as we expected, then it’s not the end. With the right attitude and knowing how to cope with certain unfavorable situations, we can overcome adversity and learn from the mistakes we made. . Fernando Monzon is a Spanish journalist and founder 3Lemon marketing agency, who encourages people to “make mistakes, dare, try and do more than once, because each time they will make mistakes better.”

Immerse yourself with good experts

One of the other fundamental keys is consulting with the best experts. Good entrepreneurs will always stand shoulder to shoulder with people brighter than themselves to instill their knowledge and advice.

Knowing how to spot relevant talent is one of the other skills every entrepreneur should have or at least try to do so by dedicating the time needed to form a team of good professionals they have. can be trusted.

Get advice from the right people and better if they are successful people doing something similar to what you want to do. This way, you can consider their experience. Learn to listen to different opinions to examine them, but be able to make your own decisions later.

Which business is the right one?

Sometimes we block ourselves from thinking about different business options, we analyze different goals, we engage in a lot of market research … but we forget the most important thing: Our true potential, thinking about what we’re really good at, what we can contribute to society and the added value we have.

Therefore, is it the right industry or business area? “There is no universal answer because everyone has their own answer” like Franck Scipio told me in an interview.

Another key is discovering new opportunities that others don’t see. Regardless of the business sector covered, this is a common standard.

In the end, it would be useless to run a mass business model just because it was working because we were certainly late. In these cases, good entrepreneurs are in the right position to “wait for the next wave” as they say in surfing slang.

Use financial logic

Don’t incur an expense with money you don’t have. Logically, don’t spend what you cannot afford… Like Robert Kiyosaki point out in his book of success Rich Dad, Poor Dad Financial illiteracy can ruin our business if we don’t know how to manage our money. It’s not about becoming a financial expert but about using basic mathematical logic.

Enjoy what you do

What good is being a successful, highly profitable trader if you don’t enjoy the process? That would be meaningless torture. So whatever you do, bet on what you bet, what you decide to do should be something you are passionate about (or at least you don’t like too much).

Also, it’s easier to do what we really define and expect good results to come.

For example, for Franck Scipio His key to success lies in the fact that he is doing what he is really born and passionate about: “I had a good job as an employee, I earned very well, I helped to blame a digital group, but I feel empty, unrecognized, I don’t feel appreciated or fulfilled, “he asserted. His case is the example of thousands of people around the world who are uncomfortable with the work they have to do and who have not chosen. Scipio Found in the passion of sharing with others and helping her own corporate nature. Now think about what you can contribute.

Keep learning, don’t give up

Once you believe you know everything and you’ve achieved your goal, there’s always more to keep growing. A relative ambition is not negative. The bad thing is stagnation and stay in the middle. So, keep proactive attitude to always absorb new knowledge that can improve your business and also enrich you personally.

In addition, to become an attractive businessman also requires expertise in social relationships and good politeness.

Finally, do not forget that the initiation is not easy and the implementation does not meet any exact science, although taking these general requirements into account, you can guarantee high viability. than your own previous life experiences.



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