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The Lebanese Hospital is the first hospital in the world to be a vegetarian

If you’ve ever been in the hospital or visited someone around mealtimes, you may be wondering if warm, cooked foods really help restore your health. At Beirut’s Hayek Hospital, the staff took the matter seriously and decided to be the first in the world. vegan hospital.

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The conversion doesn’t happen overnight. For a while, Hayek gave patients a choice between meals of plant or animal origin, along with useful information about the nutritional benefits of the first meal versus the risk of the latter. But starting March 1, the employees decide to do what’s best for their patients – and animal. The hospital announced the change with an Instagram post. “Our patients will no longer wake up after surgery to be greeted with ham, cheese, milk and eggs… it’s food.[s] that may have contributed to their health problems in the first place. “

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Hayek is a family owned private hospital. The staff watched anxiously as the World Health Organization classified meat as a carcinogen similar to tobacco. “So serve meat In a hospital is like serving cigarettes in a hospital, ”the hospital said in a statement. Furthermore, the staff pointed out that“ three out of four emerging infectious diseases come from animals. “.

Beirut has a fairly high vegetarian awareness, with at least six vegan restaurants, according to the report Vegan map website. Lebanese cuisine has quite a variety of vegan foods, including pita beans, hummus, falafel and fava. A meal like this can help ease your stay in hospital and may help your way back Health faster.

“Following a completely scientifically proven plant-based diet not only prevents the progression of certain diseases, it can also reverse them. Then, we have a moral responsibility to act and regulate our beliefs with our actions, ” hospital posted.

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