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The M5s attack Bongiorno and rekindle controversy over the Grillo – Cronaca case

“Following Grillo’s choice to bring charges against the victim’s family and the prosecutor’s office, today Deputy Justice Minister Macina brought out very serious charges against me. a culture of suspicion (for the enemy) that characterizes the 5-Star Movement, Vice Minister Macina severely damaged my image as a human being, even before a lawyer, when trying to speak allusions that I disclosed to anyone during the proceedings.I have been dealing with violence against women for decades as everyone knows.This position a year after the accusation That gave off investigations and I have never spoken to anyone about this procedure despite the many requests and frustrations of journalists. Court “Attorney Giulia Bongiorno said so, after an interview with Deputy Minister Anna Macina on Corriere della Sera today.

Macina, he has to avoid the video, but it’s private – Grillo video “is a pained cry from a father. I see a lot of the human side. Almost nothing political”. But “it has to be avoided. Sorry for what happened, but let’s get it back into the private realm and out of politics.” This is what Anna Macina, Deputy Attorney General at the M5s, said, interviewed by Corriere della Sera. “In two days – emphasizing Macina – some fixed points were reaffirmed by the Movement. The protection of the independence of the judiciary and the protection of women from abuse. The truth told us.” : the red law is highly desired by us. Revenge pornography doesn’t exist before. And an extension of the 6 to 12 month reporting deadline doesn’t even exist. ” It would be serious to use the story for political purposes, he said. “It is not clear whether Bongiorno speaks as a defender” or “as a senator”.

The federation asked Macina to resign The allusions of Deputy Attorney General Anna Macina – in her interview with Corriere della Sera today – are very serious, insulting and unworthy of being a member of the government. The federation called for immediate resignation. We learned this from the Salvini party. The theory that Senator Salvini saw a video of Ciro Grillo through lawyer Giulia Bongiorno – continuing the Federation – is unacceptable: the M5s’ fluster for a serious case involving his family Their founding is not the plausible reason to muddle Salvini and Bongiorno. Salvini will act against subordinate secretaries in all civil and criminal offices.

Activist letter, sharing his relationship with the M5s – “The Grillo family relationship that weighs heavily on Grillo affects all of us activists and risks being used by political foes to concretely attack and undermine the M5S. In a moment of sophistication. We believe it is necessary to consider separately the human and judicial facts of the founder and the guarantor of the Movement from its own destiny, which in this period is going through a period of “Deep transformation and evolution, let justice do it.” This was written in an open letter to Fatto Quotidiano by a group of “5 Star activists registered on the Rousseau platform”.

Salvini, Macina like Beppe, embarrassed and resigned – “La Macina as Grillo: ashamed of the attacks on women and resignation”. Lega leader Matteo Salvini said this about the words of Deputy Attorney General Anna Macina.

“Beppe Grillo ‘s recent statements discourage this process. What is essential for the country’s democratic life is that trials and above all sexual violence must take place without pressure to propagate.” through over The judges of Tempio Pausania will be able to determine truth in a serene and balanced manner, guaranteed by their professionalism, respecting the rights of all, of the accused, who must be supported by the said to be innocent and of the complainant, those whose dignity must be defended. “Underlined in a note of the National Judges Association.



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