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The Moscow prosecutor’s office ordered the closure of the offices of pro-European Navalny groups

The Moscow Prosecutor’s Office suspended the operations of the operating offices of rival Russian activist in prison Alexiei Navalny and ordered the Moscow court to introduce “temporary measures in the form of a ban on certain actions. “to the Anti-Corruption Fund and the Defense Fund. Citizen’s rights, both pertain to Navalny, but the court has yet to consider these latest requirements: the agency Interfax reports, citing the court’s press office. Earlier, some Russian media announced the suspension of Navalny’s organizations, including the Anti-Corruption Foundation and its “successor”, the Citizenship Protection Fund. According to the court, “the question of prohibiting the activities of non-governmental organizations is under the jurisdiction of the court” while “the question of prohibiting certain acts of a public movement falls under the jurisdiction of the prosecutor. tablets “. “The activities of the Navalny office and the Anti-Corruption Foundation were immediately suspended,” the Anti-Corruption Foundation director Ivan Zhdanov wrote on Twitter, re-posted by AFP. The offices of the Navalny activists, the Anti-Corruption Foundation and the Civil Rights Foundation were accused by the prosecutors of being “extremism” in which they wanted to “facilitate social instability and politics. -social situation “. Many observers believe these allegations are of a political nature and are intended to suppress dissidents.


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