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The mother, 27, with a 5-month-old son drowned after she left him alone in the bath to text and call friends who were jailed for 22 months

One MUM was jailed for 22 months after letting her little son drown alone in their bathtub.

Simone Perry, 27, called and texted a friend on WhatsApp, 5-month-old Renzo Lake, slipped out of a baby shower chair and drowned in less than 6 inches of water.


Simone Perry was jailed for 22 months at Northampton Crown CourtCredit: Google Maps

The mother was found guilty of manslaughter by negligence following a trial in Northampton Crown Court last month.

She was jailed for 22 months today when a judge declared Renzo ‘absolutely inevitable death’.

Judge Adrienne Lucking QC told Perry: “When you discovered Renzo, you immediately called the ambulance service and tried to resuscitate Renzo.

“When the paramedics arrived, you told them you left your baby for about 4 minutes … and it’s your fault.

“Then you narrated the facts to some doctors but you neglected to tell them about your phone use.

“I’m sure that’s because you know you’ve allowed yourself to be avoidably distracted.”

Perry initially denied using the phone in an interview with the police, the court heard, a lie the judge said was a deliberate attempt to deceive the investigation.

Judge Lucking added: “I am pleased that you still deny your responsibility for your son’s death and your lies partly reflect the fact that you have yet to accept that you are to blame. responsibility for your child’s death.

“This is a very serious crime that leads to the death of the baby and the consequences are completely avoidable.

“In my opinion, even though your circumstances are tragic, I will not perform my public service obligation if I do not apply an immediate detention sentence.

“Infants and young children are at risk of serious death or serious injury if left unattended in a bathtub, and even more so if their caregivers are distracted.”



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