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The Myanmar Air Force uses Chinese drones to monitor the demonstrations – Radio Free Asia

British military intelligence publisher Janes International Defense Review said in a report Wednesday citing images on social media as low levels. – Drones flew over Mandalay last month.

The images show a CH-3A tactical UAV (Cai Hong-3A, or Rainbow-3A) flying in late March over Mandalay, where mass street protests and bloody repression took place after the war. Military coup to overthrow the elected government. February 1. So far about 600 people have died in the persecution.

“The sighting of the flying vehicle, developed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group (CASC), is state-owned by China’s defense,” said the British newspaper report: pay attention for the secrecy of how the Tatmadaw operates it. ” Defense intelligence publisher source.

Janes said experts believe that 10 to 12 CH-3A UAVs were delivered to Myanmar between 2013 and 2015 and operated by the Myanmar Air Force off-base at Meiktila Air Base in North-central France. out of a total of 54 million.

Jane’s “is understood to be primarily used as intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) assets to support long-term anti-insurgency (COIN) operations against ethnic rebel groups across the country.” “, Jane’s added that there have been reports that drones were used to attack the rebel’s infrastructure.

Before last month, the only confirmed CH-3A sighting in Myanmar was provided by an unconfirmed image that has spread widely across the internet since mid-2016 that shows the UAV is ready to take off on the road. paved ice at an undisclosed location. as a small provincial airport, the report said.

Janes used commercially available satellite imagery to identify at least two UAVs operating outside a large hangar at Shante Air Force Base in the city of Meiktila, away from Mandalay, the second largest city. of the country and is the scene of mass protests. and mass deaths of protesters.

“It is remarkable that the air vehicles were seen as the satellite passed overhead on January 31, the day before the Tatmadaw launched the coup,” said Janes, using the name, Janes said. Burmese to the Myanmar army.

The CH-3A is operated by a truck-based mobile ground control station and truck-based assistance module, has a maximum takeoff weight of 650 kg (1,430 lbs.) And flies at a speed up to 260 kph (160 mph). It could be equipped to launch laser-guided air-to-ground missiles, says Jane’s.

“It is likely that the Mandalay UAVs were used to observe ground activity, allowing Tatmadaw to visually monitor the situation in real time to identify specific threats,” said Janes. direct security forces on request. “

Other purposes include detecting and blocking public or private communications – or as a psychological warfare tactic to intimidate citizens, the report said, citing a study of the damaging impact. stability in the population affected by the US military’s use of UAVs in areas of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan.

“For Tatmadaw, such harmful psychological effects could ultimately provide an important advantage as it attempts to stabilize a growing population that is increasingly resistant to regulation,” the Janes report said. its self-declaration rules, ”said the Janes report.



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