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The new book ‘Thinking Moves’ gives children a sense of control

Nicole Cardoza has spent most of her career doing Young people have access to mindfulness. Through Yoga Foster and non-profit Child health care application, WellementalCardoza has spent the past six years working with kids across the country who may not be familiar with meditation and yoga. In part, her goal is to prove that mindfulness is not just for white, transgender, and well-built people. With a new children’s book, Mindful movements ($ 15), Cardoza expands its reach in an even more tangible form.

Cardoza told Well + Good: “This book is out of date due to the lack of consistent descriptions of children of color in mindfulness and yoga. “We have not seen significant attention not only to make health more accessible to adults, but also to the next generation who are going through. Introducing bills and laws quickly means taking away their rights happy on some Most significant levels of depression and anxiety. “

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Mindful movements “It’s a collection of mindfulness practices designed so children can quickly check on themselves throughout the day,” says Cardoza. The book includes exercises in memorized listening, body scan (“to help children understand where emotions are showing in their bodies”) and emotional awareness exercises. The book also offers gentle and accessible movement through revised and simplified yoga poses.

Cardoza’s book is intended to teach children how to process their own emotions and how to feel controlled.

“The kids are often asked to ‘pay attention’, but they’re not taught how to do that. Lack of opportunities to cultivate emotional awareness and self-regulation, Cardoza says, is only a shortcoming for young children. “[Children] rarely have many organs on their body. At school, they often have to ask to use the bathroom. At home, their guardians provide meals for them and they may not have much say in it. ” The practices are found in Mindful movements powerful because they provide opportunities to learn and practice skills that may not be available at school or at home. “They give children more autonomy in responding to the world around them,” she added.

Books also come with a companion app Wellemental. All practice methods found on the app are available in English and Spanish, directed by many teachers. All proceeds from the book will go to Wellemental to make this application accessible to unaffordable schools.

“This is not just a book that you can read, but a book that you can practice,” Cardoza said.

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