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“The news network One America is right for Trump”


Months after President Biden’s inauguration, One America News Network, a right-wing cable news channel available to about 35 million homes, continued to air segments questioning the validity of the 2020 presidential election.

“There are still serious doubts about who is actually the chairman,” said OAN correspondent Pearson Sharp in a report. Reported March 28.

That segment is one of a multitude of similar reports from a channel that has become a Trump TV type for the post-Trump era, a reporting channel consistent with the former president’s grievances at the time is forbidden to join major social media platforms.

Some OAN coverage does not yet have adequate staff support. In interviews with 18 current and former OAN editorial staff, 16 people reported that the channel distributed reports they thought were false, inaccurate, or untrue.

According to the bulk of the OAN report, it seems that the transfer of power never happened. The channel does not broadcast live Inauguration Ceremony and Mr. Biden’s Inauguration Speech. In April, articles on the OAN website repeatedly called Donald J. Trump “President Trump” and President Biden just “Joe Biden” or “Biden”. That practice is not followed by other news organizations, including competitors OAN Newsmax, a cable TV channel and a conservative news site.

OAN also promoted The theory is debunked that the rioters The people who broke into the Capitol on January 6 were leftist agitators. By the end of one News segment March 4 described the attack as the work of “opposers” and “anti-Trump extremists” – and called the president “Beijing Biden” – Mr. Sharp said, “History will show it’s party Democrats, not Republicans, who called for this violence. ”Investigations found no evidence to suggest antifa sympathizers, a loose group of anti-deflation activists. Nazi, was involved in the Capitol riots.



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