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The Nyssa self-examination mirror will literally illuminate your bite

Epeople with lots of pussy remembers the first time they looked down there with a hand mirror. For me, that’s when I just started having my period and asked my mom how you urinate with a tampon. She told me we have three holes there (* mind blowing *), and I need to go get the hand mirror and investigate. It’s an eye-opening experience, but trying to keep a mirror below you while looking around is confusing and awkward. Nyssa’s self-test mirror is here to make the experience less boring.

“One criticism I have heard about the mirror is’ I can use a hand mirror, I can look at my pussy. There’s nothing groundbreaking about that, ” says Aubrey Howard, Nyssa Co-founder and marketing director. Her response: Well, frequency do Do you use a mirror?

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Howard co-founded Nyssa, Mia Clarke, and Eden Laurin, created Self-checking mirror between the legs of VieVision ($ 66) as a tool that can be used without the use of your hands, providing great light and aesthetics, making using it a desirable experience.

“This is something specially designed [for vulvar self-checks] and designed to keep you excited and satisfied doing it, ”says Howard. “It is specially designed for you and for your body and for the things that are important to your overall health and sexual health.”

Why should you test yourself regularly

Most often, the problems that occur around the vulva and anus are accompanied by physical changes. For example, in addition to changes in exudation and itching, you may experience redness or swelling when you receive one yeast infection. But how can you tell if your vagina is inflamed without looking at it? And how do you notice the difference if you don’t see it often?

“In my early twenties, I suffered Bartholin’s gland cyst. At that time, I didn’t know what a Bartholin gland was or a Bartholin’s cyst, but these are basically glands that lubricate your vagina and vulva. By the time I knew what was going on, it was so bad I had to have surgery, ”Howard said. “If I could check and see that happening, I could have just taken some antibiotics instead of going through a super painful and traumatic surgery that kept me from sitting down for a while. long time. “

Mary Jane Minkin, Says MD, a gynecologist and obstetrician, says it’s never a bad idea to look at your vulva, and even suggests that you bring a Nyssa self-examination mirror when doing a gynecological exam. Consider what you are seeing with you. “I just reviewed one of my patient’s pussy with her yesterday and she is 70 years old. What she noticed were some changes – due to some malfunction, [or] posterior wall of the vagina (upper rectum) comes down slightly. She was concerned that it might be something unsettling, and I reassured her that it was normal surgery. “

She says she doesn’t ask her patients to regularly look at their vulva as long as everything feels fine, but it’s better to take a look at first to see how normal you look. “If you get itchy and it goes away on its own, don’t worry. But if you experience persistent itching and look into your vulva and see any red or white areas, then you should see your attending physician. And if you have a persistent itch and it doesn’t go away, then you still want to check with your doctor. “

Shannon Chavez, PsyDVagisil, a licensed sex therapist, says getting used to the shape of your genitals can also increase sexual pleasure.

“Knowing sex anatomy and physiology can improve sexual response and interested in sex, ” Dr. Chavez said. “You’re more likely to talk to your partner about what feels good if you know your body, where and how you enjoy arousal.”

Dr. Chavez recommends that you also use a mirror to observe what happens when you masturbate. “You can watch your body change when you masturbate,” she said. “It helps to engage your sexual gratification and keeps you on display during self-gratification.”

How to use a Nyssa self-test mirror

With my hands washed and the curtains closed, I leaned back on the bed and placed the mirror between my thighs. I have the clearest view of my pussy I’ve ever had. The real shape allows you to fix the mirror between your legs so that your hands are free to move. Keeping it between my thighs was great for surface exploration, making it a great spot for light trimming and investigating. But to really go deep, I need my legs to be a bit wider. So I put my legs in a butterfly pose, the soles of my feet together and the knees out, while holding the top of the mirror with my calves while the mirror base rested on my bed. This has given me space to really see all of my nooks and crannies.

The light produces a nice warm white light that does not feel sterile (it may feel uncomfortable). While it’s not bright enough for self-use in a dark room, I found that when combined with other lights, it illuminated my pussy in a way that really opened my eyes. Our genitals are literally understood as “where the sun doesn’t shine”. Our pussy is buried between our legs under our torso. Shining a light down there is an absolute game changer.

In the 10 years that have passed since I first used a hand mirror to test myself, I can count on both hands the number of times I look back. That is absolutely worth thinking about. This mirror makes it not only easier and more efficient to observe, but also very enjoyable. And while the mirror’s shape is meant to help keep it in place, it gives the mirror a cute mid-century modern line, which means I can leave it as an ornament. I was always prompted to use it. Can you use an ordinary hand mirror? It’s correct. But the experience will not be nearly as bright as when used Nyssa self-examination mirror.

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