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The outdoor voice run collection opens a spring in your step

WI did it, runner. Slippery sidewalks and tired cold winter days were behind us. Spring is coming. That means the distance we go to the watch will feel a lot more comfortable. And happy, new Outdoor voice the run collection coming out today, is sure to add a little more to your step.

The dusty blue-and-gold main-color collection packs items for every fitness hobby, whether you prefer to run in leggings or shorts, crop tops or underpants. However, in the typical OV style, the entertainment-priority brand has made some smart tweaks that favor lifestyle over performance, and you’ll see them throughout the lineup. All bottoms have smart ways to store your smartphone, credit card or ID; and flap shorts with straps on the back, so when you spread the layers, you can tuck longer sleeves into the holster, helping to free your hands while running (about whatever you’re doing after running).

The doing Things Bra (pictured above) bra has a cut that I have used as a bracelet to hook into a sweat-absorbent scarf for many years. Smartly crafted lines will take you far this spring (see: OV hiking collection, which we also co-sign), and without a doubt these pieces are beautiful enough to wear in the real world as we re-exported from last year as vaccinated butterflies. Not sure where to start shopping? We have taken our very favorite pieces from the line:

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Working bras – $ 59.00

Outdoor Voices classic bras carry a vibrant color to this running collection that you can pair with any pair of shorts or leggings. It is made from the brand’s TechSweat material and is medium support.

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Short Exercise 2.5 ”- $ 68.00

These gym shorts are made with the brand’s Lightspeed fabric, which is the closest thing to the “wearable gas” currently on the market. There are two loops on the back, so you can keep the tunic whenever you want to take it off while running or walking.

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Scraper 7⁄8 – $ 98.00

OV designed this belt to never roll down, and matching 7⁄8’s paired leggings length was a big win for our runs. Plus, this briefcase comes with two cell phone pockets to help you carry anything you need on the go.

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Rapid Tank – $ 48.00

The name of the game with this tank is airflow. It is cropped, making it easy to pair with high-waisted leggings or shorts, and is made of super lightweight fabric, so if you go for a jog and then stop drinking coffee after you won’t have the stains significantly sweat that.

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Joggers Club Tee – $ 48.00

For a jog to meet your friends in the park, I am the Outdoor Voices team t-shirt. This Joggers Club tee is somehow one of my favorites in the line, so you’ll see me sport it all summer on my run around the City.

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