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The Pfizer CEO said people will need COVID-19 vaccination every year

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Chief executive Albert Bourla said it is likely that recipients of the Covid-19 vaccine will need a booster shot within the following year, and then annual vaccination, to maintain protection against the virus. as it grows.

“The variations will play an important role. Bourla said in a virtual event hosted by CVS Health Corp is critically important.
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aired on Thursday but was recorded on April 1.

“There are vaccines like polio,” says Bourla. “Just one dose is enough. “And there are flu-like vaccines that you need every year. The Covid virus looks more like an influenza virus than a polio virus ”.

More studies are needed to confirm the need for a booster each year, Bourla said. But he added that the need seems to be researched so far.

The chief executive’s remarks came as the United States and other countries raced to vaccinate as many people as possible and Try to stay ahead of any variation that can avoid the footage.

Researchers still do not know how long protection lasts for any of the Covid-19 vaccine, although they are working on this. Vaccine experts say new booster shots or booster shots may be needed if the virus mutates significantly enough.

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