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The Philippines was generally criticized for saying that community clothing is the work of ‘Satan’ – The Diplomat

Ana Patricia Non, organizer of the Maginhawa Community Cafeteria in Quezon City, Philippines, holds a food donation on April 19, 2021.

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Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr., the controversial spokesperson of the Philippine government’s high-level anti-communist task force, is in hot water after accusing community pantry of providing free food The charge is doing the devil’s work.

Hundreds of community pantry have grow up All over the Philippines, offering respite from one COVID-19 record spike in which the hospital is capacity is close, the vaccine is rare, the economy is at a level deadlock, government aid has been delay, and people are hungry.

While many Filipinos received the pantry gratefully, Parlade on Tuesday Defendant Ana Patricia Non, the organizer of the Maginhawa community pantry in Quezon City, about deceiving people in Satan’s way.

“It’s a person, Ana, Patricia, isn’t it? It is the same with Satan. Satan gave Eve an apple. That’s where it all started, ”Parlade said in an interview with One News.

He then explained that he not only mentioned Non, but also mentioned a “large organization that could be in the back” of the grocery stores – an undisclosed allusion to the communists. real estate.

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Non was forced to close its pantry for several days due to safety concerns after the National Task Force ended the local communist armed conflict (NTF-ELCAC), led by Parlade. head and the Quezon City Police Department unfoundedly shared posts linking the pantry together. Pantry organizers and volunteers have also reported that being harassed by the police and ask to fill out forms.

The news sparked a backlash that led the office of President Rodrigo Duterte to warn NTF-ELCAC not to label the pantry as a communist front, an act known by locals to ” red tag ”. Politicians and military officials Also expressed her support for the food stores, and for Maginhawa food cabinets received a skyrocketing donation.

Parlade has become famous for unfoundedly accusing public figures, especially women, of communist sympathies. In October, he steer a series of “warnings” at actresses Liza Sobreano and Angel Locsin, along with the Miss Universe pageant winner Catriona Gray, for their alleged links to progressive and feminist groups he considers to be related with communist rebels baselessly.

Parlade statements often appear as though hidden threats, and human rights groups regularly warn that “red tagging” can be fatal in the Philippines. When a government official accuses a private citizen of having relations with the communists, it can be interpreted as a license to kill outside the judiciary without consequences.

In February, Parlade threaten to sue Tetch Torres-Tupas, a correspondent for the Philippine Inquirer, in her article about two indigenous Aetas people who have sought to oppose the government’s controversial anti-terrorism Act.

Parlade had previously cited anti-Semitic “cultural Marxism” far-right conspiracy to claim that communism and satanism are intrinsically related.

In a 2019 article in the state-run Philippine News Agency, Parlade claimed that major communist figures, such as Marx and Lenin, belonged to a satanic sect, using passages that appeared to be largely reproduced. from one post on an online text-sharing forum titled “Satan Theology of Cultural Marxism.”

Parlade also called religious figures who joined the Communist Party of the Philippines as “wolves in sheep’s clothing” who “worship Satan, consistent with their communist doctrine.”

The general frequently accused Duterte’s political opponents, such as the progressive Makabayan bloc, were communists, arousing fears that the NTF-ELCAC’s In 2021 the budget is nearly 400 million dollars will be used to attack opposition politicians and put political critics at risk.

Parlade said he had received some temporary suspensions from Facebook and Twitter since February, but the general’s social media accounts remain active since Thursday.

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Defense Minister Delfin Lorenzana said Thursday it is not his job to reprimand Parlade for his comments, though presidential spokesman Harry Roque said earlier in the day that Parlade, a general in active service, reported to Lorenzana.

The relief staff was being arrested or harassed by the above police and military officials several times During the pandemic, there was a mentality that the government saw aid workers as symbols of their own failures in responding to the economic slowdown from COVID-19.



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